Arie Cole

The Slaw Episode 01: Arie Cole // Larder // Sunny Side Up Brunch 

Arie Cole’s journey from day job to full-time DJ // Larder // Sunny Side Up Brunch

by Lindsay Patross | November 5, 2019

The Slaw: Staying on Top of Pittsburgh is a new podcast from the Very Local Pittsburgh team. Each week we interview Pittsburghers, talk about collaborations and highlight upcoming events. 

In our very first episode of Very Local Pittsburgh’s podcast, The Slaw, we talk with Arie Cole about becoming a full-time DJ in Pittsburgh. We highlight Larder, a collaboration between East End Brewing & Chef Justin Severino and we preview our next Sunny Side-Up brunch event.

The Slaw Episode 01

Meet Arie Cole

We talk with Arie Cole about his transition from his office job at a bank to a full-time DJ.

Arie Cole has can be found DJing here:

  • Friday nights at Umami in Lawrenceville
  • The 4th Saturday of the month at Slappers & Bangers – a dance party at Brillobox.

A very Pittsburgh Collaboration: Larder

Each week we highlight a different Pittsburgh partnership.

Our first collaboration to share is Larder. The latest restaurant from Chef Justin Severino is inside of East End Brewing’s Larimer brewery. Larder offers both meat and vegetarian options that pair nicely with East End Brewing beers.

A very Pittsburgh thing to do: Sunny-Side Up Brunch 

This week we talk about our upcoming brunch. Sunny-Side Up Brunch is our monthly brunch popup that we host with Pittsburgh Sandwich Society. For November, we are moving the brunch indoors to Roundabout Brewery in Lawrenceville.

Past brunches have included menu items such as a donut chicken sandwich.

Sunny-Side Up Brunch

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Lindsay Patross

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