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The Slaw 05: Slow Fashion with Jessa Gibboney

Slow Fashion with Jessa Gibboney // Pittsburgh Record Night // Fire Fest @ Grist House

by Lindsay Patross | December 3, 2019

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In this episode of The Slaw: Staying on top of Pittsburgh, we talk to Jessa Gibboney about slow fashion in Pittsburgh. Jessa is a Very Local contributor who writes about small business and has profiled several local vintage shops for Very Local. For our collaboration of the week, we spotlight the monthly Pittsburgh Record Night. We’ve got the details on what to drink and how to stay warm at Grist House’s Fire Fest.

Header photo courtesy of Jessa Gibboney.

Jessa Gibboney on Slow Fashion in Pittsburgh

Meet Jessa Gibboney 

Jessa’s website is Wavy Alabaster and she is also a contributor to Very Local. You can follow Jessa on Instagram @Jessa_Gibboney & Twitter @Jessa_Gibboney.

Jessa’s style influences:

What is slow fashion?

Jessa and Stephanie discuss some of the ideas of slow fashion – thrifting and reuse, and the idea of being more mindful about what you are purchasing.

From Wikipedia:

Slow fashion, the alternative to fast fashion and part of what has been called the “slow movement”, advocates for principles similar to the principles of slow food, such as good quality, clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers.

The term slow fashion comes from this 2007 article in The Ecologist by Kate Fletcher.

Pittsburgh Secondhand stores for kids

Slow Fashion in Pittsburgh

Knotzland (website)

Nisha Blackwell makes bow ties with repurposed textiles.

[Read our story on how Knotzland was featured in a YouTube ad]

Highway Robbery Vintage (website)

  • Now offers reworked vintage

[Read our story on Highway Robbery Vintage’s shop on Carson Street]

Old Flame Mending
Old Flame Mending’s table at the 2019 Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer

Old Flame Mending (website)

  • Clothing repair in Pittsburgh

Style 412 (website)

  • Pittsburgh fashion collective

More Slow Fashion Resources

Jessa’s Favorite Vintage & Thrift Stores

A very Pittsburgh Collaboration: Pittsburgh Record Night

Pittsburgh Record Night is a bring-your-own record night that takes place at The Park House on the first Saturday of the month.

Follow PghRecordNight on Facebook for updates.

Events: Fire Fest @ Grist House on Saturday, December 7

We’ve got all of the details on Grist House’s Fire Fest here. Note that this is Fire Fest, not Fyre fest. Grist House points out that FEMA tents will not be needed for this event.

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