Jim Henson's puppets in Pittsburgh

The Slaw 08: How did Jim Henson’s puppets end up in Pittsburgh?

Boaz Frankel joins us to talk about the urSol the Chanter puppet at the Children’s Museum and his interview with Elmo.

by Lindsay Patross | December 24, 2019

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In this episode of The Slaw: Staying on top of Pittsburgh, we talk to Boaz Frankel, a writer, filmmaker and contributor to Very Local about the puppet from The Dark Crystal that lives at the Children’s Museum and his interview with Elmo. For this weeks collaboration, we take a look at the partnership between Hop Farm Brewing and Provision PGH. And the Very Local team shares some of the events we are looking forward to in 2020.

Meet Boaz Frankel, Writer & Filmmaker

Boaz and his wife, author Brooke Barker (aka Sad Animal Facts), moved to Pittsburgh earlier this year. Boaz has created videos for Very Local Pittsburgh as well as interviewed some Pittsburghers over their favorite sandwich.

Learn more about Boaz on his website StuffByBoaz.com and you can follow Boaz on Twitter @boazf and Instagram @BoazFrankel.

Here a some of the videos Boaz has created for Very Local Pittsburgh:

Here are some of the Pittsburghers that Boaz has interviewed for Very Local:

urSol the Chanter from The Dark Crystal

You can read more about urSol the Chanter and The Pittsburgh Children’s Museum here.


Looking to learn more about The Dark Chrystal? Check out The Dark Crystal subreddit here.

Get to know the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh

Elmo loves Yinz too

To celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street, Elmo made a visit to the Carnegie Science Center this summer. While he was in town, Boaz had a chance to teach Elmo some Pittsburghese. Check out Boaz’s interview with Elmo here.

A very Pittsburgh Collaboration: Hop Farm Brewing & Provision PGH


This week’s collaboration is a food and beer pairing. Provision PGH, which started as part of Smallman Galley, is now providing the food at Hop Farm Brewing in Lawrenceville.


Events: What we are looking forward to in 2020

  • Stephanie: Pittonatonk will return for the annual May Day celebration. Special guests to be announced soon.
  • Aadam: Cinderlands in Lawrenceville becomes Cinderlands Foederhouse. Grand re-opening on January 23.
  • Lindsay: Dirty Dozen Bike Ride takes place in the fall. Hundreds of cyclists try to tackle a dozen of the steepest hills in town in one day.

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Lindsay Patross

Lindsay Patross

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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