Dean Bog Pittsburgh Neighborhood Videos

Ep. 18 Dean Bog on Pittsburgh Neighborhood Videos // Pink Boots // FueledFest

We catch up with filmmaker Dean Bog to learn more about his Pittsburgh Neighborhoods videos and why he prefers to explore the city by bicycle. 

by Lindsay Patross | March 5, 2020

Meet Filmmaker Dean Bog

In this episode, we talk with Dean Bogdanovic, better know as Dean Bog, a local filmmaker who is making a series of videos about Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Learn more about his process and some of the neighbors he has met along the way.

In addition to making videos about Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Dean made this video about the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) for Very Local.

A very Pittsburgh collaboration: Pink Boots Pittsburgh

Pink Boots Society is a national organization that supports women in the brewing industry. Lauren Hughes gives us a preview of some of the Pink Boots upcoming collaboration beers.

[Check out Episode 06 of The Slaw: Staying on Top of Pittsburgh for our interview with Lauren Hughes, assistant head brewer at Penn Brewery]

Check out our video from the 2019 Pink Boots Brew Day.

Events: FueledFest412

FueledFest412 is a new beer festival that is bringing several out-of-state breweries to Pittsburgh. You can read more about the festival here.[0]=68.ARCGbkz8AeOaEln6TFX00MeRC1AEvMSmokD6oVqkPIe78RlqVGlw9ivjgkxIM6mCK3AxH3WyNdbgEpDQ4alywl8UOC2mXMI6aULmvrcG_HwTDPMnnazNv6Ji0uiZxTeuH9oR6wKVWtY3N1Rwy8I0osEYRZSSQqAR_JJckvxlGaprXrvf56op6mtf5twZmCtfYJp9fQ9mZrsDVwkNeLJA1qH_0N1XHWI0mjrY_SBpRhh9Zm4RmZ4zvPkUbUl86mSTwE64kqAep4M9PFTeGeOA1LhdUDO3rvakuPsqIu5jzpTjyrI4qsaY52HUTMmMzrcMxh5eRUzdDUNrB6k0RHd2_XzxPJ8a&__tn__=-R

[Looking to learn more about craft beer in Pittsburgh? Check out ABV our weekly beer column here.]

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