UNITED STATES - JANUARY 06:  Members of the Phunny Phorty Phellows celebrate on street car along Canal Street on "Twelth Night" heralding the arrival of Madi Gras season in New Olreans, Louisiana, on Friday, December 6, 2006.  (Photo by Mario Villafuerte/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

There’s a new Carnival krewe on the Avenue!

Now, 12th Night is getting a little bigger with a second street car krewe joining in on the fun on January 6.

by Mary Staes | November 13, 2018

Everyone knows 12th Night for two things: King Cake is no longer off limits, and the Phunny Phorty Phellows take their annual streetcar ride down St. Charles Avenue, officially kicking the Mardi Gras season off.

Now, 12th Night is getting a little bigger with a second streetcar krewe joining in on the fun on January 6.

The Funky Uptown Krewe will follow the Phunny Phorty Pellows, departing from Bourree at Boucherie on South Carrollton Avenue at 7:05 p.m. and riding the St. Charles Streetcar line to Canal Street, then ending at Fat Harrys on St Charles Avenue.

“This was mostly a group of friends that for the past two years have hung out at Avenue Pub on 12th Night and watched the Phunny Phorty Phellows come by,” said Craig Magnum with the Funky Uptown Krewe. “We loved what they do. We thought, maybe we can add to this as other krewes have done. Like where krewedelusion follows Krewe du Vieux and it seemed to spark bigger crowds, so we wanted to try that out.”

Joining in the fun for the krewe’s inaugural ride will be Mannie Fresh, performing a full DJ set on the streetcar. The krewe’s signature throw will be a mixtape featuring some of the city’s most recognized bands, including the Hot 8 Brass Band, Big Sam’s Funky Nation and Cowboy Mouth. Only 1,000 of the mixtapes will be thrown, so make sure you get your hands on one. Other throws include koozies and cups with the krewe logo.

“We’re ecstatic about having Mannie Fresh,” said Magnum. “We wanted somebody who could combine the traditional Mardi Gras songs with some Cash Money hits and to have a little bit of a twist on the traditional Mardi Gras music that you have out there.”

The krewe said they chose 12th Night in the spirit and tradition of multiple Mardi Gras krewes reveling on the same night, and to encourage more people to come out to the streetcar line and provide a boost to area businesses. They added that the krewe is fully run by volunteers and more than 90 percent of every dollar spent by the group goes to local businesses.

Mary Staes

Mary Staes

Mary Staes is Digital Content Lead for Very Local. She works with our freelancers and crafts content for our social media platforms and website. Before Very Local, she worked with CBS affiliate WWL-TV as a web producer and weekend assignment editor for about 4 years. She has also handled broadcast coverage for 160 Marine Reserve training facilities while she served as an active duty Marine. As a native New Orleanian, she takes being "very local" to heart. She loves being intertwined with the culture and figuring out how there are less than two degrees of separation between us all, whether we're natives or not.

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