SAT Feb. 8: Come to The Very Local Beer Game Show – Try a beer for FREE

Join us Hitchhiker Winter Pop-Up (in Allentown) for beer trivia and to try a beer you've never had before.

by Stephanie Brea | January 28, 2020

Who needs a valentine when you can find your perfect beer match?

On Saturday, Feb. 8, join us at the Hitchhiker Winter Popup in Allentown for a couple of retro game show activities, and to drink some beers, of course. It’s free to attend and participate!

  • What: Score! The Very Local Beer Game Show
  • When: Saturday, Feb. 8 // 1 – 3 p.m.
  • Where: Hitchhiker Winter Popup (Allentown) // 829 Industry St // Pittsburgh, PA 15210
  • How much: Free!
  • Facebook Event – invite your friends to come too!

Try a new-to-you beer!

We’re bringing in different beers from several local breweries – we hope you will come and find a new beer to love.

  • Abjuration
  • Aurochs
  • Strange Roots
  • Couch Brewery
  • Hitchhiker

What do you mean it’s a retro game show?

Do you remember staying home from school when you were sick and watching “The Price is Right”? Did you ever catch episodes of “The Dating Game” in syndication? Yeah, it’s gonna be very loosely based on that, but in a much less-polished fashion. Brush up on all your local beer knowledge.

These three games have been developed in our very local, very top-secret studio.

Perfect Match: Think “Blind Date,” but with beer. You fill out a very detailed, very scientific* questionnaire, and you are paired with a local beer that is your perfect match. What will it be? Who knows. It will remain a mystery until after you drink it. Think you only like hazy IPAs? Sorry, you might actually pair best with a “dad beer.”

*We are not responsible for the accuracy of this test.

Spin It to Win It: Spin the wheel and answer a beer-related question and win a prize. What kind of prize? Probably another beer.

InQUIZition: Think you know more than some of the city’s seasoned beer industry professionals? Challenge them on their beer knowledge. Win prizes (prizes are still probably more beer. Do you sense a theme here?)

Pick up a discounted ticket to Beers of the Burgh

Beers of the Burgh will be on site selling pre-sale tickets to their June 6th event at the Carrie Furnace. Swing by and save $5 per ticket and eliminate paying those annoying service fees.

What’s Beers of the Burgh? Read this.


Stephanie Brea

Stephanie Brea

Stephanie has been organizing events since 1998, starting with a series of motorcycle rides through the Arizona desert to support her father’s business. She’s probably crossed your name off a presale ticket list or served you a beer somewhere around town.

An undergrad degree in poetry means she has lots of unpractical knowledge about iambic pentameter, while a brief stint as a copy editor for Alternative Press taught her that twenty one pilots is stylized in all lowercase letters.

Wanna throw a party in a vacant parking lot? She’s interested.

At the onset of COVID-19, Stephanie took on the role of podcast producer for The Slaw. She’s pretty familiar with a microphone, thanks to that aforementioned poetry degree, and she’s got the wherewithal to ask Epicast Studios for help. She listens to too many true crime podcasts, and currently records from her bedroom.

If you know of someone who would be the perfect podcast guest, send her an email.

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Download the Very Local app to stream all of the Very Local original series for FREE!