Vice News on Pittsburgh Mayors

Vice News drops documentary on Pittsburgh’s Mayoral Race

Vice News video interviews Pittsburgh activists and both Bill Peduto and Ed Gainey about racism and issues for Black residents in the city.

by Very Local PGH | May 17, 2021

Over the weekend, Vice News dropped a new 8 minute documentary on the Pittsburgh mayoral race titled “How George Floyd Protests Changed the Race for Mayor in Pittsburgh.” The video is available on YouTube.

The documentary features reporter Alexis Johnson interviewing both Mayor Bill Peduto and State Representative Ed Gainey, who is running against Peduto for Mayor of Pittsburgh about racism and issues facing Black Pittsburghers.

Johnson worked for the Post-Gazette until she left in October. Johnson was covering the protests over the summer and was removed from covering the protests by the management of the Post-Gazette. You can read more about why Johnson left the Post-Gazette here.

The Vice News documentary comes out just a few days before the Pennsylvania Primary Election on Tuesday, May 18. Pittsburgh voters will be voting for the next mayor of Pittsburgh on election day.

The Vice video also touches on how much money each candidate has raised. For more on the donations to Peduto and Gainey, see this article from Public Source that digs into where the campaign donations to each candidate.

Four candidates are running for mayor of Pittsburgh

The documentary does not interview the other two candidates on the ballot. Tony Moreno, who is a retired police officer, and Mike Thompson, who is a math tutor, are also running for mayor.

Everything you need to know to vote for the mayor of Pittsburgh

For voter guides, information on poll locations and how to return your mail-in ballot, check out our guide to the 2021 Primary election.

📸 Photo credits: All photos in this story are screenshots from the Vice News YouTube video. 

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