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10 NOLA podcasts to listen to this summer

Here are 10 podcasts made in, by and for New Orleans.

by Clint Durrett | July 1, 2018

In addition to the sweet sounds of tunes flowing through your earbuds, podcasts are a great way to pass the time in these scorching, miserable days of the summer here. They can take up the boring hours you spend waiting on a bus or streetcar or just sweatin’ in line for a Hansen’s snowball…on a Saturday.  Sure, there are plenty of podcasts made in the bustling media grounds of the national sector,  but we wanted to highlight 10 homegrown podcasts that you should check out this summer.

  1. Takin’ It to the Streets
    Secondlines, Mardi Gras Indians and New Orleans are synonymous. WWOZ cranked out these podcasts highlighting coverage of events around the traditions of secondlines and Mardi Gras Indians, digging deep into how they come together and why they are cherished in the Crescent City.
  2. The Misbelief Radio Show
    You live in New Orleans and love music, right? Of course you do! This show ONLY plays recording artists from right here at home. Toss in the earbuds for hours and hours of local beats.
  3. Listening Post New Orleans
    The Listening Post aims to, well, listen to New Orleanians. And listening to people share their stories in this year’s tricentennial and learning about the changes the city has gone through is a powerful and moving experience for your ears.
  4. TriPod: New Orleans At 300
    This podcast from local radio station WWNO focuses on the city’s history. As New Orleans celebrates its 300th birthday, this is a solid podcast to know more about our rich culture. History is just one part of it – people and their stories are wonderfully told and will have you reflecting on the knowledge they’re dropping into your ears.
  5. NOLA Life Stories
    This series by the Historic New Orleans Collection and WWNO is part of an effort to record and archive the people and experiences that made the New Orleans we know today. The series touches all topics and expands what we know about life here.
  6. Hashtag Louisiana
    This podcast goes beyond the confines of Orleans Parish, but gives insight into topics that make an impact on our lives. The show describes itself as a “guide to the intersection of social media, business and politics in the Pelican State.”
  7. It’s A Good Life, Babe
    A podcast about the culture of New Orleans told from the perspectives of a native of the Crescent City and a transplant. Sports, music, food – this podcast covers it.
  8. NOLA Nerd Cast
    This podcast has been pushing nerd culture (gaming, comics and pop culture) since 2011. The premise is simple – a couple of dudes who love comics, video games and more nerd stuff who talk about said nerd stuff. And all homegrown here in New Orleans.
  9. Happy Hour
    We have strange experiences in bars here. This podcast pulls up a barstool and features random conversations with nothing in common. A gumbo for your ears, if you will.
  10. Out To Lunch
    Major publications have identified New Orleans as one of the best cities for a startup and this podcast is all about the “entrepreneurial movement.” The show is recorded over lunch at Commander’s Palace (drool) with various folks in New Orleans business.
Clint Durrett

Clint Durrett

Hi. I’m Clint.
I’m the Local Market Manager for Very Local New Orleans. I’ve lived in New Orleans since 2001 and been living my best life in this rad place since that year.
I have 10 years of broadcast journalism and digital media experience. Before Very Local New Orleans, I worked for WDSU-TV – producing, product developing, digital media managing– I’ve done it all. I’ve seen first-hand the trials we’ve suffered in this city and the celebrations we’ve enjoyed. I love New Orleans. It’s home.
I’m going to work my hardest to bring you the content and experiences you care about to live your best life here in one of the best cities on the planet.
I love finding things to do here – concerts, food, drinks, nerding out, etc. And I love sharing those things with others.
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