Clint Durrett

Hi. I’m Clint.
I’m the Local Market Manager for Very Local New Orleans. I’ve lived in New Orleans since 2001 and been living my best life in this rad place since that year.
I have 10 years of broadcast journalism and digital media experience. Before Very Local New Orleans, I worked for WDSU-TV – producing, product developing, digital media managing– I’ve done it all. I’ve seen first-hand the trials we’ve suffered in this city and the celebrations we’ve enjoyed. I love New Orleans. It’s home.
I’m going to work my hardest to bring you the content and experiences you care about to live your best life here in one of the best cities on the planet.
I love finding things to do here – concerts, food, drinks, nerding out, etc. And I love sharing those things with others.
Contact me via email. Gimme a shout on social. If you see something you think we should know about, hit me up. If you see something that needs fixing on the site, ditto. I want this website to be yours, too. Not just one I manage, but one we as a community and New Orleanians use to help us live our best lives.

The Top 10 Very Local New Orleans Stories of 2020

By Clint Durrett / December 31, 2020

From secret spots to get tacos and popsicles to rethinking the restaurant industry and seeing how hospitality workers were trying to simply survive life in a pandemic, here are the top 10 stories of 2020 from Very Local New Orleans.

New Orleans History and Heights: A look over the decades from the sky

By Clint Durrett / December 16, 2020

While New Orleans has put a lot of focus on historical preservation, change inevitably happens. Here’s a look at New Orleans from as early as the early 1900s to 2020.

How to spook up your house with things from Walmart, Home Depot, Michael’s and more during a Pandemic

By Clint Durrett / October 20, 2020

After traversing the neighborhoods of the Bywater, Lower Garden District and Treme, we found some similar items among them all. One of which was skeletons, but also webs, streamers and more. And while we ALWAYS shop local first, there are some places you can hop to in order to get your haunting happening from the big stores nearby. Here’s what you need to know before heading out to a store in Phase 3-point-whatever. 

The Broad Theater closes for second time during COVID pandemic, aims to reopen with outdoor cinema

By Clint Durrett / July 29, 2020

It wasn’t flooding that forced The Broad Theater to close its doors this time around. But when it does reopen, the owner is looking to provide new comforts and an outdoor screening area.

K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen to close amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Clint Durrett / July 14, 2020

After shutting down in May over the COVID-19 pandemic, K Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen will not re-open its doors — ever.

Mask up and make a reservation: Audubon Aquarium to reopen July 16 with new guidelines

By Clint Durrett / July 14, 2020

After a four-month closure due to COVID-19, the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas will open its doors on Thursday.

Essence Festival of Culture 2020 goes virtual for two-weekends

By Clint Durrett / June 30, 2020

One of the biggest festivals in New Orleans has gone virtual for 2020.

Dixie Beer to drop ‘Dixie’ and be renamed, Gayle Benson says

By Clint Durrett / June 26, 2020

Dixie Beer will drop “Dixie” from its name, according to owner Gayle Benson.

12 board games to kill a lot of quarantine time at home

By Clint Durrett / May 7, 2020

If you need to kill some time, and I mean A LOT of time, here are some games you can play with your family while you work on not getting at their throats over little nothings.

So you think your NOLA pad is haunted? Here’s some things you can get to check

By Clint Durrett / May 6, 2020

In New Orleans, we know a thing or two about hauntings. Whether you believe or not, here are 10 things that claim to be able to help.