An alcohol-free speakeasy? BANDBOX is bringing a twist to Orlando’s bar scene

Bandbox is making the old new again. BANDBOX will be offering a new and exciting way to enjoy cold drinks, and alcohol free cocktails! Experience the roaring ‘20s at this new bar.

by Debra Pamplin | June 8, 2022

Looking for an alternative to the typical bar scene? Mark your calendars for a grand opening celebration of a one-of-a-kind establishment: BANDBOX. 

Beginning June 25, BANDBOX will be offering the citizens and tourists of Orlando a new and exciting way to enjoy cold drinks, and so much more! Experience the roaring ‘20s (the 1920s that is) with vintage decor and servers dressed in costumes from that era. They say that what is old is made new again, and this philosophy applies to this new establishment.

Photo courtesy Erin Miller Photography

BANDBOX is a spirit-free speakeasy, tasting lounge and package shop, with the goal of introducing the city of Orlando to a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. 

Opening doors in larger cities over the past few years, places like Austin and Denver have embraced alcohol-free establishments, usually called “Dry Bars” or “Sober Bars.” Now, BANDBOX in Orlando takes it one step further. 

According to the owner, Kevin Zepf, the concept for this establishment began a few years back. 

“The BANDBOX concept began in 2020 as an Art Deco-inspired boutique art/photo gallery with vintage goods and collectibles,” he said. “As we were in the early stages of space planning and interior design, we thought it would be a great option to serve some non-alcoholic drinks to guests, similar to how many many galleries might offer wine or beer for special occasions or exhibition openings.”

Photo courtesy Erin Miller Photography

Browse through the available merchandise for sale and you can take some of the nostalgic style home with you. Options range from vintage goods to collectibles, candles to lighting fixtures, and more. 

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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

While this won’t be a full bar, they do offer a pre-set tasting lounge menu that changes often. Drink options range from traditional to distilled to alternative brands. 

Some of the classic non-alcoholic craft cocktails that will be included in the menu include:

  •  Whiskey Smoked Maple Old Fashioned
  •  Gin Alexander
  •  Rum Strawberry Shrub Cocktail
  •  Tequila Cinnamon Spiced Maple Coffee Cocktail

Distilled options include Seedlip Grove, Seedlip Spice 94 and others. In regard to alternative non-alcoholic spirits, guests can request Ritual Alternative Tequila or Rum, Monday Gin or RumISH, among other brands. 

Photo courtesy Erin Miller Photography

All of the non-alcoholic cocktails are made individually, without ingredients that are batched. Served in appropriate cocktails glasses, such as Rocks, Collins and Coup, some are finished with citrus, rim salt or sugar.  

Since none of the drinks served at BANDBOX contain alcohol, guests can order a drink to-go. Buy a bottle on your way out, or get a case to share with your friends at your next get-together. 

Plenty of Entertainment Options

While you are trying new flavors, stay entertained with live music, magicians performing table-side and a complimentary photo booth. Vintage black and white silent films and table games are also part of the atmosphere. Whether the first stop of the evening or the last, BANDBOX is an ideal date night spot. 

Know Before You Go

Even though it is a non-alcoholic establishment, the age requirement is similar to traditional bars: 18 to enter, 21 to drink. Servers will be in 1920-style costumes and patrons are encouraged to dress up a bit as well. While there isn’t a dress code, business casual is suggested and indoor/outdoor table reservations are required. No shorts are allowed unless seated at one of the outdoor tables.
For more information and reservations, visit the company’s website.

Debra Pamplin

Debra Pamplin

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