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The First Dedicated Cocktail Bar in Orlando Starts a New Decade at a New Location

By Debra Pamplin / October 19, 2022

Known by the locals as “Courtesy Bar,” this establishment has just celebrated 10 years by opening in a new location.

cocktails and screams

Get your ‘boos’ on year-round at Cocktails & Screams in Orlando

By Debra Pamplin / October 11, 2022

This themed bar serves up booze, ‘boos’ and brews year-round in downtown Orlando.

Beat the Orlando heat with these Orlando watersports destinations

By Debra Pamplin / July 28, 2022

Have lots of fun under the sun and stay cool at the same time when you spend some time at these water sports locations.

Cat Cafes in Orlando

Paninis and purrs: cat cafes in Orlando

By Debra Pamplin / July 26, 2022

Stop by either one of the cat cafes in Orlando and PURR-haps you just might find an adoptable cat that will love you FUR-ever.

glamping new orleans

Here’s where to go glamping in New Orleans

By Debra Pamplin / July 22, 2022

These trips are less than a day away from New Orleans.

Find natural beauty in outdoor Orlando

By Debra Pamplin / July 18, 2022

Get back to nature during these day outings.

An alcohol-free speakeasy? BANDBOX is bringing a twist to Orlando’s bar scene

By Debra Pamplin / June 8, 2022

Bandbox is making the old new again. BANDBOX will be offering a new and exciting way to enjoy cold drinks, and alcohol free cocktails! Experience the roaring ‘20s at this new bar.