Alex Galbraith

He has a distinct voice that you will come to know more as you follow VL NOLA. He has shown himself to be an intrepid entertainment and culture writer, who always knows about the best events, happenings and performers before anybody else. Now, he’s going to tell you all about them here at Very Local NOLA.

Fried & True Tips For Doing New Orleans Fried Chicken Fest Right

By Alex Galbraith / September 28, 2022

We asked around for tips to help you hatch the best Fried Chicken Festival plan!

Lady Delaney’s World Is Like Ours, Only Smaller

By Alex Galbraith / October 28, 2021

Lady Delaney keeps things bite-sized in her real-life miniatures and fictional mysteries.

Budsi’s brings popular popup to permanent brick-and-mortar restaurant

By Alex Galbraith / December 16, 2020

The entirely-in-view kitchen until recently found on the sidewalk outside the Bayou St. John watering hole Pal’s literally expanded to take up as much of the walk as possible, adding employees and equipment underneath their tent as the lines grew as far as the scent of lemongrass could carry.

From Angela Davis to Cardi B, this local uses an embroidery needle to pay homage to strong women

By Alex Galbraith / October 13, 2020

JayTee Barbour claims she sort of fell into embroidery while trying to create a low-cost wedding gift for a friend, then kept it up as a way to deal with the stress of fighting for sexual assault survivors. 

Virtua Mall is a colorful video game escape to the past fueled by two local musicians

By Alex Galbraith / October 13, 2020

The Virtua Mall video game is a neon temple dedicated to community, complete with the cornerstone businesses that brought in stragglers and strollers during the real-world mall boom. There’s a movie theater that plays local music videos. There’s the arcade where you can drop a few quarters and blast aliens. There’s a club that hosts hologram performances. In the game, it seems like a perfect place for cyberpunk mallrats of a cleaner, brighter future to come together.

New Orleans indie filmmakers’ “doc” about a bar’s last day blur the lines between fiction, reality

By Alex Galbraith / August 31, 2020

The mostly unscripted tale of a hole-in-the-wall’s end asked real people to play semi-real versions of themselves in an actual Terrytown dive where the booze was anything but fictional.

Local Artist Feck Made The Perfect Album For A Summer Spent Inside

By Alex Galbraith / August 6, 2020

Feck’s songs sound akin to our quarantine current situation: manic outbursts of energy being let out into empty rooms because it and you have nowhere else to go. The movement, and the confinement, are both a little more involuntary than we’re entirely comfortable with.

Get outta town: Several short trips to get away from NOLA for a day

By Alex Galbraith / February 26, 2020

Don’t get us wrong. We all love NOLA But it’s easy to hit a wall in the oft-mentioned marathon. A great way to break out of a funk is to head outside. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the best outdoor getaways within driving distance of New Orleans.

Best brunch spots to avoid the Carnival crowd

By Alex Galbraith / January 28, 2020

At some point this Carnival season, you’re going to want a breakfast free from tourists. These spots have you covered.

Lost Binary: A different kind of Pride party

By Alex Galbraith / June 7, 2019

Celebrate Pride away from the parade with Lost Binary.