David Bernabo

David Bernabo is a writer, filmmaker, musician, dancer, and visual artist, performing with the bands Host Skull, Watererer, and How Things Are Made; devising dances with his variable dance company, MODULES; and often collaborating with Maree ReMalia | merrygogo.

He curates and produces work for the Ongoing Box imprint and co-curates the Lightlab Performance Series with slowdanger.

Eight places offering smashburgers in Pittsburgh

By David Bernabo / September 5, 2022

It starts as a meatball – then gets SMASHED into a hot griddle. Here are the local burger joints where you can order a classic smashburger.

Jerry's Records

Vinyl-Man’s Clubhouse: Shop Jerry’s record collection in Swissvale

By David Bernabo / January 27, 2022

“My mandate is to rescue records. I can buy records that you don’t want no more and find someone that does want them.”

Need chicken wing advice? Phone a friend or two

By David Bernabo / February 5, 2021

We ask some local chicken wing enthusiasts about the best spots for chicken wings in Pittsburgh

Where to Get Vietnamese Pho in Pittsburgh

By David Bernabo / November 30, 2020

We visited five spots for Pho along Penn Ave – and then rounded up 11 more places in Pittsburgh offering this cold weather soup lover’s staple.

28 Places to get a Burrito in Pittsburgh

By David Bernabo / October 12, 2020

We rolled up ALL our burrito recommendations into a roundup that’s full of local favorites. Here’s where to go for Pittsburgh burritos.

Spring Hill WBU

The WBU is where Spring Hill comes together

By David Bernabo / August 15, 2020

Our walkthrough of the Workingmen’s Beneficial Union in Spring Hill includes a look at the local businesses who call this multi-purpose building home.

Best Places to Listen to Live Music in Pittsburgh

By David Bernabo / March 4, 2020

Our categorized roundup of live music venues (by genre) walks through what you can expect at over 26 music venues found all around Pittsburgh.

Real Talk with Princess Jafar

By David Bernabo / December 9, 2019

A colorful, unscripted, real-time performance – check out Dave Bernabo’s review of ‘The Princess Jafar Hour’ at Club Cafe in Southside.

Review of Live! at Kingfly – the Strip District’s weekly jazz night

By David Bernabo / November 11, 2019

Head to Kingfly Spirits on Thursdays (7pm to 10pm) for Live! at Kingfly – where musicians are encouraged to experiment in a fun, unique space.