Daymon loves telling stories. Sometimes he tells the stories on stages, or in would-be-books he doesn't finish, but mostly he loves shaping documentaries to tell insightful stories about interesting people and what got them there. Daymon hopes to champion everyone around himself in their endeavors (and then ask them if they'd be okay to do an interview). He is currently the Creative Director for the University of Pittsburgh Women's Basketball Team!

Boyce Park Ski Area

Everything you need to know about Boyce Park ski area

By Daymon Long / January 17, 2022

The Boyce Park Ski Area is conveniently located and super affordable (lift tickets are $20 weekend, $15/weekdays).

A great place to learn to ski is just 20 min from Downtown Pittsburgh

By Daymon Long / February 23, 2021

Located in Boyce Park, this ski and snowboard area is convenient and super affordable ($32/weekend, $22/weekdays)