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David Neimanis

David Neimanis is a cultural producer and writer from Buffalo, NY. After spending years on the road as a traveling musician, Neimanis migrated to Pittsburgh, PA where he now spends his time writing about food, culture, and the ways in which makers, artists, and entrepreneurs build and shape communities.

Neimanis is also the Partner Experience Manager at 412 Food Rescue. In his spare time you can find him making pizza or foraging for funky bottles of wine.

Stories of Appalachia

Rolling Pepperoni Unwrapped: Katt Schuler & the stories of Appalachia

By David Neimanis / February 16, 2021

“RP Unwrapped” is a new book from Rolling Pepperoni offering up a collection of stories from Appalachia

Breakfast Between Bread, Vol. 2

By David Neimanis / September 23, 2020

After seeking out Pittsburgh’s breakfast sandwich, the search continues…here’s a look at five additional local options.

Super Punch: The Spirit of Pittsburgh

By David Neimanis / August 31, 2020

Pittsburgh is the only U.S. city that imports Super Punch – a dark, Italian amaro. We take a deep dive into this viscous spirit and its ties to the region.

Apteka Opens Pittsburgh’s First Natural Wine Shop

By David Neimanis / August 18, 2020

In a state that openly restricts wine sales, Apteka finds a way to get natural wine in the hands of locals.

Breakfast Between Bread: seeking out Pittsburgh’s breakfast sandwich

By David Neimanis / July 23, 2020

In a city that lacks bodega egg sandwiches, what’s the move? After some research, we rounded up five very Pittsburgh options.