Jason Vowell

Jason Vowell is a writer, filmmaker, and food traveler. He lives in New Orleans and his dog is named after a sausage.

Another day, another dumpling; the best Chinese dumplings in town

By Jason Vowell / March 14, 2019

People in the know have held close the few places that even attempt a decent dumpling. Secret’s out.

If you’re lost, you can look and you will find me! Thai after Thai! Delicious spots for food from the ‘Silk Road’

By Jason Vowell / February 20, 2019

Grills smoking with pork and chicken and shrimp. Rice cookers steaming. The hiss of hot oil.

From I-10 to the parish line: Taco trucks along South Claiborne

By Jason Vowell / February 15, 2019

Five taco trucks that regularly perch along South Claiborne, each totally unique in their offerings, sauces and surroundings.

Slayer of hangovers: Epic egg sandwiches in New Orleans

By Jason Vowell / February 8, 2019

What to ease that post-Carnival parade route pain? Try these hangover slayer egg sandwiches.

Ooey gooey king cakes, and where to snatch them up

By Jason Vowell / February 4, 2019

If cheesecake and king cake had a baby, this would be it.