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Kate Taylor

For Katherine Taylor becoming a writer was prophesied by her maternal grandmother who said she had too grand a name to be anything else. Kate has been published by, Bright Wall Dark Room, and Bold Culture. She is currently working on a series of short stories and essays.

Three Must Follow NOLA Job Boards

By Kate Taylor / October 22, 2021

Jobs can be hard to find in a world still in the ravages of a pandemic. We looked at three local job boards to help in your search.

Nazis, Intimidation, and Espionage: How a St. Charles Mansion Became Part of a WWII Conspiracy

By Kate Taylor / August 5, 2021

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood summer blockbuster — a vast campaign of espionage and propaganda taking place on U.S. soil that must be stopped before the fabric of America unravels. But this story isn’t fiction. Carried out from a stately St. Charles mansion, Baron Edgar von Spiegel, German Consul to New Orleans, undertook his campaign of intimidation, espionage, and misinformation.

How to spend a Sunday stroll exploring Uptown New Orleans

By Kate Taylor / July 9, 2021

As we return to familiar places, remember to seek out new experiences too. Businesses are reopening and could use a boost. Combining the pleasure of venturing out with stopping into new places means it could be the perfect time to reinstate the tradition of a Sunday stroll.