Maria Murriel

Maria writes about beer, arts & culture and the occasional nostalgic essay about home. She’s worked in public radio newsrooms, newspapers and alt-weeklies, and is the co-founder of Pizza Shark Productions, a podcast house making media more equitable. She also teaches sometimes. Read more about her work at

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Pandemic-friendly date ideas to help you keep your game sharp

By Maria Murriel / February 9, 2021

Setting up a date now is nearly impossible. So here’s our list of pandemic-friendly date ideas fit for first dates or long-term lovers, for the romantic or the casual, all to help you maintain your love life through these troubling times.

New Orleans home bakers create magic to sweeten your holiday table

By Maria Murriel / November 11, 2020

From dipped strawberries to ube flavor and even vegan options, these home bakers have something special for your holiday dessert table.

Get it to go! How to support local restaurants during the pandemic

By Maria Murriel / March 16, 2020

As Gov. John Bel Edwards announced a temporary ban on dine-in service at restaurants to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, we wanted to highlight some of our faves to get take-out or delivery from.

How to navigate your first sober Carnival

By Maria Murriel / February 17, 2020

Maybe you’re sober-curious, or interested in cutting back but don’t know where to start, or what a sober Carnival would look like.

Cajun Fire beer is finally for sale in New Orleans. Here’s where to buy it

By Maria Murriel / December 6, 2019

New Orleans’ only black-owned craft brewery went to retail locally for the first time over Thanksgiving — and told nobody.