Sabrina Stone

Sabrina Stone is a NYC born, New Orleans based musician and writer. She’s written for OffBeat Magazine, I’m Music Magazine,, Hello Giggles, Quarterlette, Femsplain, The NY Observer’s Scooter, and Huffington Post. She's headlined Bowery Presents' The Mercury Lounge (NYC) and The Toff in Town (Melbourne, AUS), she's played 30+ gigs at "NYC's Oldest Rock Club," The Bitter End, and has three albums out on Spotify, with a fourth on the way. That newest album sold 200+ physical copies in its first week at Peaches Records.

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Where to go for self-care in New Orleans

By Sabrina Stone / November 11, 2021

Here are some ways and places where you can dive into the softer side of New Orleans.

Urban Roots Garden Center

Urban Roots: A quirky petting zoo and plant center all in one

By Sabrina Stone / March 29, 2021

Urban Roots Garden Center is one of the happiest places you can go these days. Part gardening supply and home goods store, operated and run by warm, helpful plant-specialists, part petting zoo and animal rehabilitation center: It’s the perfect location to go to get outside in the sun and outside of your head. 

Nesby Phips

Beaucoup power: Meet the artist behind the unique billboard in Treme

By Sabrina Stone / February 19, 2021

New Orleans artist / musician / rapper Nesby Phips has rented the space to share a message. With clear, bold, white words on a black backdrop, he has spelled out, “If you Black then you rich and got beaucoup power.” There’s something mysterious to the phrase, words suspended in air, but there’s also something that doesn’t need to be explained: this is a statement of empowerment, a sentence that can make you feel confidence, pride, warmth, or solidarity, a sentence that feels like truth. 

Albert Allenback

Albert Allenback is more than just Tank & The Bangas goofy flute guy

By Sabrina Stone / January 19, 2021

Albert Allenback, well known as the tall, lovable, goofy flute and saxophone player in New Orleans’ beloved Tank and the Bangas, is up to some serious stuff these days. 

From the Fillmore to honoring the Hard Rock Three: Monica Rose Kelly’s art

By Sabrina Stone / January 6, 2021

You’ve seen Monica Rose Kelly’s work before. From Armstrong Park to honoring the Hard Rock Three, her heartfelt and stunning pieces have been seen across the city.

Rare Medium, Well Done: Remy Diamond and Her Tiny, Wearable Food Art

By Sabrina Stone / December 18, 2020

At Remy Diamond’s petite, playfully curated shop, C’Mere, on the base of Esplanade, you’ll find all sorts of wonders and trinkets. It’s the perfect place to go when you don’t know what you’re looking for. C’mere carries a range of products from a few national, but mainly local, hand-selected artists: jewelry, prints, embroidery, masks, paintings, clothing, plants; each creator makes something unique, special, and a bit offbeat. There’s a lot of objects that spark joy inside the walls of this store.

Dirty Funq and feliine: An Artist Collaboration

By Sabrina Stone / December 3, 2020

Dirty Funq’s murals have been popping up all around town these past several months. He enjoys collaborating, more than needing to be front and center, so if you see some graffiti writing that says “Love” or a piece by Mr. Balloon Hands, keep your eyes open: there’s likely artwork by Dirty Funq nearby. The person Dirty Funq enjoys collabing with the most, luckily, is the person he enjoys being around the most, the extraordinarily talented tattoo artist, Danika Brooke, a.k.a. feliine. 

Here’s a list of local options for Thanksgiving takeout in New Orleans

By Sabrina Stone / November 18, 2020

Thanksgiving is going to look a little different than it has in past years, but it can taste just as good, maybe even better. The unusual social climate we’ve been in has brought your favorite restaurants to a pivot point — they nearly all offer takeout options now, and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with the most scrumptious food that you didn’t have to cook!

La Adorna: shining a rainbow light through costumes, community

By Sabrina Stone / November 2, 2020

Brittany Schall could do anything that she wants to do with her art. Her art is powerful, personal, photorealistic and astoundingly skillful. What she chooses to do with it is bring joy, bring playfulness, and shine a rainbow light through her wearable art fashion line, La Adorna. 

From Uptown to Downtown: where you can find New Orleans’ record stores

By Sabrina Stone / October 6, 2020

New Orleans is packed with music, musicians and music lovers, so it’s no wonder we’ve got more than 10 record stores. Each one has its own little quirks, speciality areas, and reasons to visit.