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Where to go for self-care in New Orleans

Here are some ways and places where you can dive into the softer side of New Orleans.

by Sabrina Stone | November 11, 2021

This city can be hard on your body, with all the extreme weather, parades, and parties. We owe it to ourselves to recover and replenish.

Here are some ways that you can dive into the softer side of New Orleans.

Treat yourself to a Core Body Balancing Massage at Woodhouse Spa

One of over a dozen types of body treatments at Woodhouse Spa on Canal Street, the Core Body Balancing massage is an interactive, Thai-style, standing relaxation technique to help you unwind while you strengthen. If you’d like something more classic, where the masseuse does the work for you, there are Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, back, neck, shoulder, and foot massage options. You can also have two masseuses do the work for you, with the Woodhouse Signature Four-Handed Massage, where two therapists, trained in unison, focus entirely on helping your body unwind. 

If you’re looking to put on a happy face, try one of their hydra facials. Promising a healthy glow with nourished, even, exfoliated skin, they’ve got another dozen options in this area, including their Woodhouse Signature Facial, which helps establish and maintain ph balance and integrates LED light therapy.

Find a tea or tincture for whatever ails you at Rosalie Botanicals

If you’d prefer to replenish at home, head to Mid-City and pick something up from our community herb shop, Rosalie Botanicals. They’ve got herbs, extracts, oils, syrups, salves, teas, capsules, crystals, candles, books, zines and tarot decks. Many of their products are from local entrepreneurs and artisans and made in small batches, notably: Asc3nsion, GypsiJars, and Bayou Soap Co

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask. It might be behind the counter, available for order, or you might just need to talk out what you need to see if there’s a solution that isn’t immediately apparent. (I swear by their Sinus Savior tincture for my allergies and their Good Night, Sleep Tight bottle for when thoughts are keeping me awake.) In a pinch, the knowledgeable shop proprietor and employees can even mix up a custom tea, just for you, from their massive wall of herbs.  

Get fit while having fun with Move Ya Brass

If you’re the type of person who takes a more energetic approach to rejuvenation, consider joining the extremely positive, health-conscious team over at Move Ya Brass. They’ve got a whole slew of ways to sweat out the toxins. You can start the day out right with their yoga-themed Stretch Ya Brass, or you can get your cardio on with Bounce Ya Brass, Twerk Ya Brass, Run/Walk/HIIT and/or Hip Hop Ya Brass. 

Joining a scheduled class throughout the city is free, but if you’ve got scheduling conflicts or you’d just like to do a particular sort of thing on a particular day with people you know, why not make a party of it? Move Ya Brass instructors are available for customizable events. Who knows? Maybe one weekend, instead of meeting up for another boozy brunch, throwing a Move Ya Bras party will be what inspires you and a group of friends into igniting a fun-loving, supportive, heart-healthy chapter of your lives!

Discover a whole host of healing options at the New Orleans Healing Center

At the New Orleans Healing Center on St. Claude Avenue, there’s a little bit of everything to get you back on track. They’ve got a gym with a brass band painted on the walls, so you feel like there’s a second line encouraging you to lift. They’ve got an art gallery with rotating, thought-provoking exhibits on the second floor. They’ve got studios and meeting rooms, a little free pantry, and a massive Food Co-Op with fresh ingredients for every diet and a locally made gifts section. Magnolia Physical Therapy takes insurance and zeros in on your pain with specialists for every body part and injury. Island of Salvation Botanica is there for your metaphysical needs. There’s even a sizable music venue and events that sprawl out into every area of this art-filled building. Whatever it is that ails you, there is a potential solution here. 

Take a virtual tour and view the complete registry of businesses and services at neworleanshealingcenter.org.

Add local products to your daily beauty routine

Supporting local brands is a noble pursuit, but sometimes it can feel like a research project. Walking into any mom-and-pop shop will do the trick, as your money will be going directly to local business owners, but I bet you didn’t know that, in a pinch, even at Whole Foods, you can shop local. They’ve got labels and a whole pop-up section in the middle of their beauty aisle, featuring local brands like Bayou Soap Co and Oxalis

With all of these easy self-care options, feeling better is right around the corner!

Sabrina Stone

Sabrina Stone

Sabrina Stone is a NYC born, New Orleans based musician and writer. She’s written for OffBeat Magazine, I’m Music Magazine, Hear.by, Hello Giggles, Quarterlette, Femsplain, The NY Observer’s Scooter, and Huffington Post. She's headlined Bowery Presents' The Mercury Lounge (NYC) and The Toff in Town (Melbourne, AUS), she's played 30+ gigs at "NYC's Oldest Rock Club," The Bitter End, and has three albums out on Spotify, with a fourth on the way. That newest album sold 200+ physical copies in its first week at Peaches Records.

email: sabrinastonedoesstuff[at]gmail.com
instagram: @sabrinastonemusic
facebook: @sabrinastonemusic
twitter: @sabrina_s_music

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