Selena Frongillo

Selena Frongillo, a Boston native, is a freelance writer who has a passion for crafting thought-provoking stories no matter the industry or subject. She also has a love for travel and can be found performing in singing shows across the city. You can also find her at her website, and her Instagram, showerthoughtsseries.

Paddle Boarding in Boston

A guide to the must-do summer events in Boston

By Selena Frongillo / July 22, 2022

We’ve got a list of the must-do summer festivals and events.

InnerCity Weightlifting: Where Fitness Meets Community Impact

By Selena Frongillo / April 14, 2022

InnerCity Weightlifting began as a fitness program for those formerly incarcerated. It’s evolved into helping former convicts forge new careers.

Irish Village: Where Boston Meets Ireland

By Selena Frongillo / March 16, 2022

Irish Village, a local Irish bar in Brighton, Massachusetts, has a long, 50-plus year history, and Kieran McWilliam has been there for 40 of them.

Gabbi Dos Ramos: From Paralyzed to Boston Marathon Runner

By Selena Frongillo / January 31, 2022

7 years ago, Gabbi was paralyzed and diagnosed with cancer, this year she is running the Boston Marathon.