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Is Big Freedia In Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Video?

It sure looks like Big Freedia is going to be in the "In My Feelings" video.

by Alex Galbraith
July 24, 2018

Big Freedia has been heard and not seen for far too long. Her unmistakable voice has boomed out over countless radio rap hits, a dash of Chachere’s to help push mega-stars hits over the top. But when the time comes to shoot a video, the endlessly charismatic and captivating New Orleanian is nowhere to be seen.

That might just change when Drake drops his “In My Feelings” video. The video is clearly building some sort of homage to the city whose culture he’s sampled at various points throughout his career. And while waiting until after you have two bounce-indebted hits on the charts at the same time to finally acknowledge the city might strike a few locals as too little too late, Freedia appears happy to be involved with the rapper who sampled her on his mega-hit “Nice For What.”

In a post to her Instagram, Freedia called Drake the greatest before ending with a string of hashtags shouting out her own catchphrase, her song with Drake and then the viral hit “In My Feelings.” The fact that Big Freedia isn’t on that track lends credence to the idea that the Queen Diva just might appear in Drake’s Dat Dog-loving new music video.

Is the Queen about to get her due?

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