Big Freedia Says She Had To Ask Drake To Be In ‘In My Feelings’

Big Freedia said that she had to ask Drake to be in 'In My Feelings.'

by Alex Galbraith | August 6, 2018

It seemed like all had been set right between Big Freedia and Drake once “In My Feelings” dropped. Seeing the Queen Diva in the video felt like a mea culpa on Drake’s part, admitting wrongdoing for failing to include Freedia on the bounce-indebted hit “Nice For What” alongside her own vocals.

But Freedia told TMZ that she had to reach out to Drake to even get the cameo in his city-wide clip. Freedia found out that Drake was in the city and called him to get ball rolling on her appearance in the video.

“I decided to hit him up myself and was like ‘Why you ain’t let me know you’re in New Orleans?’” she explained. “He was like ‘I just got here. Why don’t you come through? We’re shooting a video tonight. Want you to get a few cameos.’”

Freedia said she jumped at the chance.

“I had to call my people at midnight to come make me up and do my hair,” she recalled.

Freedia said that Drake didn’t explicitly apologize for leaving her out of “Nice For What” but the inclusion was a move toward that.

“It wasn’t [really an] apology,” she said. “I guess he felt like ‘You didn’t make ‘Nice For What’ but that’s why I made sure that I responded soon as you hit me up so you could be [in] ‘In My Feelings.’”

Freedia added that the visibility she receives from appearing in a Drake music video is a major positive for other queer artists who feel like they might not be able to appear in mainstream art.

“It’s definitely a step in the right direction,” she said. “I think that other artists out there should feel the same way. We can be able to be there just the same as anybody else.”

Watch the video below.

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