Friday the 13th: A guide to the history behind common superstitions

By Justin Joseph | May 13, 2022

Why does a black cat mean trouble? Will your mama’s back really break if you step on a crack?

South Boston

Boston Rob’s Guide to South Boston

By Lindsay Patross | April 22, 2022

Rob hits up a new wine tasting spot, gets a butt contouring treatment, knocks down some pins and then hits the ice at Warrior Ice Arena.

Episodes to Explore for Earth Day

By Lindsay Patross | April 21, 2022

In honor of Earth Day we’ve put together a collection of episodes about sustainability as well as some of our favorite episodes from Finding Adventure.

How a Failed Canal Project Created Nola’s Neutral Grounds

By Kate Taylor | March 31, 2022

Nearly 200 years later, New Orleans’ neutral grounds are no longer the battleground the original Canal Street was. Now they play host to the battle for Mardi Gras throws instead.

Ed and Day’s Guide to the Southside

By Lindsay Patross | February 25, 2022

Ed and Day explore Pittsburgh’s Southside neighborhood with stops at The Pretzel Shop, Carmi’s Soul Food and Fireborn Studios.

Eat Play Stay Lake Charles

Eat Play Stay: Brewing and a bustling art scene in Lake Charles

By Mary Staes | February 10, 2022

Located a little over three hours from New Orleans and just over the East Texas-Louisiana border, Lake Charles, Louisiana, is home to nature walks, Cajun restaurants, breweries and a bustling art scene.

Martha Friend’s House of Found Objects

By Michela Rahaim | February 4, 2022

This unique Somerville home is bursting with unique and quirky art surrounding the house with an endearing ephemeral grace.

Hometown Tragedy

True Crime: Cold Cases Cracked

By Lindsay Patross | February 3, 2022

Decades-old cold cases are finally solved thanks to advances in DNA technology.

Meet the neighborhoods

By Lindsay Patross | January 21, 2022

Comedians, podcasters and craft beer enthusiasts Ed Bailey and Day Bracey explore hot spots, hidden gems and the best places to grab a cold brew in the ‘Burgh.

Plate It, Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh chefs face off in a Very Local cooking competition

By Lindsay Patross | January 13, 2022

Watch things heat up in the kitchen as two Pittsburgh-based chefs go head-to-head to create a three-course meal utilizing ingredients sourced from one of the city’s unique marketplaces.