Did ‘Rolling Stone’ Do A Good Job Choosing ‘Essential’ Bounce Songs?

'Rolling Stone' published a list of 'essential' bounce songs. Tell us, New Orleans. Did they get them all?

by Alex Galbraith | August 2, 2018

Thanks to Drake’s one-two punch of “Nice For What” and “In My Feelings” bringing those bone-deep drum breaks to the masses, bounce music is hotter now than it has ever been.

In an attempt to explain the genre to newcomers, Rolling Stone published a 20-song bounce primer to walk their readers through the history of our ultra-regional spin on rap. And unlike most attempts at pulling off some Louisiana cultural staple, the list was actually pretty great!

It starts — as all bounce lists must — with T.T. Tucker’s “Where Dey At” before snaking its way through hits by Juvenile, Partners-N-Crime, DJ Jubilee and Ricky B. The evolution of the genre is tracked through tracks like Big Freedia’s “Gin In My System” and 5th Ward Weebie’s “Let Me Find Out.”

The Queen Diva herself gave a blessing to the list on Instagram.


Thank you, [Rolling Stone], for representing New Orleans and the culture of bounce music,” she wrote on Instagram. “So many dope artists in NOLA keep the culture alive!”

While the list went into great detail to earn that co-sign, we can’t help but ask a few questions. Who did they miss? For our money, no bounce history playlist is complete without the late, great Nicky Da B. “Beatin’ Down Your Block” or “Hot Potato Style” would have fit in nicely.

What do you think? Who is missing from the run-down? Head to our Facebook or join us on Twitter to sound off.

Alex Galbraith

Alex Galbraith

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