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🐾 A guide to dog-friendly breweries in Pittsburgh

You don’t have to leave your best bud home for a brew

by Brian Conway
June 4, 2021

This story was put together for Very Local by Brian Conway. You can see more of his stories here.

Our faithful four-legged friends rode out quarantine nestled next us, from the halcyon days of sourdough starters through the long, dark, interminable cold of Pittsburgh winter. And now that we’re vaccinated, the plan is to leave them, home alone, while we sip IPAs in the sun? Better yet, take Fido along: here’s a list of Pittsburgh breweries with dog-friendly outdoor spaces.

Have we missed a dog-friendly establishment? Please let us know! Send an email to [email protected].


Pittsburgh breweries that allow dogs

412 Brewery // Northside (Allegheny-West)

412 taproom says they are “friendly dog friendly,” and those friendly dogs are welcome inside the brewery as well as at the back patio.

  • 🍴 Food: Food Trucks.
  • 📸 Instagram: @412brewery
  • 🕐 Open Everyday


Allegheny City Brewing // Northside (East Allegheny)

Inside this neighborhood craft brewery, there’s a dog wall, where two-legged regulars post photos of their four-legged companions. Outside, well-behaved dogs are part of the low-key vibe.


Bloom Brew // West Newton

Though widely-reported to be dog-friendly, their website, intriguingly, declares the business to be “pet-friendly.” We’ll leave it up to you to determine how loosely to interpret that.

  • 🍴 Food: Food trucks.
  • 📸 Instagram: @bloombrew
  • 🕐 Closed Monday and Tuesday


East End Brewing // Larimer

Pittsburgh’s original, now-not-so-micro-brewery, East End has a handsome new outdoor space with picnic tables in front their Larimer location, and well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome. Also new: East End offers tasty-looking, Sicialian-style pizzas for sale. (Sadly, the pizza fills the void left by Larder, the Severino/Prescott restaurant venture that was situated inside the brewery and closed over the pandemic.)

  • 🍴 Food: East End Brewing offers pizza and pretzels for sale.
  • 📸 Instagram: @EastEndBrewing
  • 🕐 Closed Mondays

🚲 Check out our video on East End Brewing’s annual Keg Ride to learn more about how the brewery gives back to the community.


Grist House Craft Brewery // Millvale

For years, Grist House’s Millvale taproom has been known as one of the dog-friendliest locations in town. Longtime visitors should know that the rules have been modified, and while dogs are still welcome to the outdoor patio; they’ll no longer be allowed on the porch or inside the brewery itself.

  • 🍴 Food: Food Trucks. Check Instagram for details.
  • 📸 Instagram: @gristhouse
  • 🕐 Closed Monday and Tuesday

FUN FACT: Did you know that Grist House’s Millvale location used to be a butcher/meatpacking facility?


Hitchhiker Brewery // Mt. Lebanon

Hitchhiker’s original, Mt. Lebanon taproom welcomes well-behaved dogs outside, in front of the taproom and side garden areas; however, the main production facility and brewery location in Sharpsburg does not welcome dogs.

  • 🍴 Food: The Mt. Lebanon taproom offers a small menu of about six items and appetizers.
  • 📸 Instagram: @hitchhikerbrewing 
  • 🕐 Closed Monday


Inner Groove Brewing // Verona

Pups are welcome outside on the back patio and front seating area, but not inside the brewery itself.

PRO TIP: Inner Groove’s My Verona is on our list of the best dad beers in Pittsburgh.


Leaning Cask Brewing Co. // Springdale

Most of the ales on tap at Leaning Cask are named after dog breeds, and the owner’s dogs are often on hand to welcome guests. With that in mind, you better believe that Leaning Cask is dog-friendly, inside and out.

We’re a big fan of Leaning Cask’s AKA-K9, read more about the beer and the brewery here.


Penn Brewery // Troy Hill

Pittsburgh’s original craft brewery recently set aside a portion of their outdoor biergarten as a dog-friendly space.

  • 🍴 Food: Full kitchen.
  • 📸 Instagram: @pennbrewery
  • 🕐 Closed Monday and Tuesday.


Roundabout Brewery Pop Up // Chateau

Roundabout Brewery has a popup space in Chateau along the bike trail that is dog-friendly. Check out our story for a map and directions. The Pop Up opens based on the day’s weather. Check the @roundaboutpopup account on Instagram for daily updates.


Southern Tier Brewing // North Shore

This Western New York brewery’s Pittsburgh outpost welcomes dogs to its outdoor patio area.

  • 🍴 Food: Yes, Southern Tier has a full kitchen.
  • 📸 Instagram: @stbcbeer_pgh
  • 🕐 Open everyday


Spring Hill Brewing // Spring Hill

Spring Hill’s hilltop beer garden provides guests and on-leash dogs with a well-kept space filled with picnic benches, fire pits and city vistas. (Check out our video for more on the spot and its history.)

  • 🍴 Food: Food Trucks
  • 📸 Instagram: @springhillbrewing
  • 🕐 Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Stick City Brewing Company // Mars

Stick City Brewing welcomes dogs to their outdoor seating area. Check out our story on Stick City Brewing to learn more about Stick City’s beers.

  • 🍴 Food: Food trucks. See the food truck schedule here.
  • 📸 Instagram: @stickcitybrewing
  • 🕐 Closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


Strange Roots Experimental Ales // Millvale + Gibsonia

Well-behaved dogs are welcome at the outdoor beer garden portions of both locations.

  • 🍴 Food: Full Kitchen at both locations.
  • 📸 Instagram: @StrangeRootsBeer
  • 🕐 Millvale: Closed Monday and Tuesday; Gibsonia: Closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


Trace Brewing // Bloomfield

Trace Brewing opened earlier this year and they now welcome people and pups to their outdoor beer garden, weather permitting.  (Check out our story about Trace Brewing from last year to learn more about the brewery, and if you see Godot, tell her Very Local sent you.)

  • 🍴 Food: BYOF + food trucks.
  • 📸 Instagram: @TraceBrewing
  • 🕐 Closed Monday


Voodoo Brewing // Homestead

The Homestead taproom for Meadville-based Voodoo Brewing allows dogs at their adjacent beer garden, newly improved with a mural of baseball great Josh Gibson.

  • 🍴 Food: Small menu features apps, pizza and mussels.
  • 📸 Instagram: @voodoohomestead
  • 🕐 Closed Monday and Tuesday


Can’t get enough four-legged friends? Check out these Pittsburgh shop dogs we love to see at some of our favorite local retailers.

📸: Header photo – Getty Images.

Brian Conway is a freelance enterprise reporter based in Pittsburgh's South Side. He is a member-owner and communications manager at the Work Hard Pittsburgh digital media cooperative.

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