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Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Video Is A Love Letter To New Orleans

Drake finally lets New Orleans in the video for 'In My Feelings.'

by Alex Galbraith
August 2, 2018

Drake caused several stirs when New Orleans discovered he was paying the city back for his bounce-indebted pair of hits “In My Feelings” and “Nice For What” by shooting the former’s video in Orleans Parish itself. Well, he’s finally shared the video and it’s everything we hoped it would be.

The video starts with Drake trying to woo Keke from the front yard of a large Garden District home. True to form, Drizzy regrettably attempts localisms like “Ya heard me?”  and “Wuzzam” but the rest of the video more than makes up for the gaffe. A crew of women twerk across town in spots ranging from Hollygrove murals to Dat Dog on Frenchmen and on further down to Gene’s.

Along the way, the video is full of Easter eggs for the NOLA knowledgeable with Jackson Square and other notable spots popping up behind hordes of p-popping extras. Via a Wizard of Oz-style coda, Drake addresses the sensation that the song caused in the rest of the world.

Check it out below and let us know what your favorite shout-out to your home is. We’re partial to the twerkers on the Canal St. line and the NOLA-as-hell shot of an ATV rider interrupting the take. What do you think? Is the video enough payment for eating off of New Orleans’ signature sound?

For more check out our five questions about Drake’s “In My Feelings” video.

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