Free Things To Do On Decadence Weekend

Hold on to your cash. You're going to need it.

by Alex Galbraith | August 31, 2018

You might find it a little pricier than usual to hit up your favorite bars this weekend. Decadence is in town and its website has this to say about bars trying to cash in with higher prices.

“Some do, some don’t.”

With that in mind, we’re looking to find places where we can save you some scratch. There are quite a few free things in our Decadence guide, but what’s a few more going to hurt?

Cumbia Calling Dance Party

Malaria Sound Machine might have the most unique DJ night in the city. They certainly have the strangest name.

Catch them spinning psychedelic cumbia tunes at the inimitable Bar Redux.

When: Friday, August 31. 10 p.m.
Where: Bar Redux

Thou and MJ Guider

We’ve told you about this show several times at this point, but did we mention that it’s free?

Thou are im town from Baton Rouge to celebrate the release of their latest slab of sludge, Magus.

When: Friday, August 31. 6 p.m.
Where: Defend New Orleans (600 Carondolet St.)

Purple Rain (Decadence Edition)

Everyone already loves this Saturn Bar ’80s night but with the festivities in town it’s sure to be extra awesome.

When: Saturday, September 1. 10 p.m.
Where: Saturn Bar.

DJ Shane Love’s One Last Crazy Summer Blast!

Themes are overrated. Let other DJs worry about that. Shane Love has two requirements for the type of music that they play. It needs to move butts and they need to own a 45 of it.

Where: The Scrapyard
When: Sunday, September 2. 9 p.m.

Alex Galbraith

Alex Galbraith

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