“Better than a tent” this Greensburg Airbnb is only $15/night 

Not a typo, this Airbnb is just $15/night. The accommodations are minimal, but the price can’t be beat. 

by Lindsay Patross
May 25, 2022

“Better than a tent” is the name of this Airbnb located near Greensburg. For just $15/night, you can rent this space for sleeping. It is better than a tent, but it really is not much more than a tent. From the listing:

This is an old shed upcycled into a primitive shelter.

As a high school and college student, I loved travel but could not afford hotels. I always wished people would let me pitch a tent in their yard.

As an adult, I wanted to give anyone this opportunity. This is a 34 acres farm with bees, trees, a dog and chickens. If you want to interact with them, let me know or check out the “Experiences” listed.

Airbnb shed in Greensburg

$15 gets you access to the shed with an air mattress and sheets. The shed does have a decorative chandelier.

I reached out to the host to confirm – there is no bathroom. She did reply to my message within a few hours.

Airbnb shed for rent in Greensburg, Pa.

Has anyone stayed in the $15/night Airbnb shed?

According to Airbnb, this listing has 19 reviews and the average review is 4.68. The lowest marks were for cleanliness. (Kind of surprising because there isn’t much there to clean.)

Are there other affordable rentals near Pittsburgh?

Seeing this $15/night rental got me thinking… how affordable is this rental? Are there other rentals that are under $50/night nearby? A few years ago, Thrillist published a story on the most affordable Airbnb rentals across the country. This list only looked at rooms for rent, not entire houses/apartments. (For readers who are new to Airbnb, you have the option of renting a room, or an entire house or apartment).

Here are some of the most affordable Airbnb rentals near Pittsburgh:

  • $29/night – Apartment in Washington, PA
  • $35/night – Studio apartment in Bellevue. Located above Lincoln Ave. Brewing
  • $37/night – Studio in Manchester
  • $41/night – House in Braddock
  • $45/night – Carriage house apartment in Edgewood.
  • $50/night – Apartment in a historic house in Fineview with a view of Downtown Pittsburgh

You can see a map of all of these rentals and a few more on Airbnb here.

While you are in the neighborhood…

Greensburg is located in the Laurel Highlands region of Pennsylvania. Check out our episode of Eat Play Stay: Laurel Highlands for some fun things to do.

And Greensburg is just a few miles from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. Latrobe is the birthplace of Fred Rogers. We’ve got a guide to all of the Fred Rogers sites you can visit in Latrobe.

If you are not quite ready to rough it…

If camping isn’t your thing or you’d prefer a tiny house with a few more amenities, you might be interested in a visit to the Getaway cabins. Check out our review of these tiny vacation rentals that are just an hour from Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh born and raised, Lindsay has been writing about the people who love Pittsburgh since 2008.

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