Guide to Every Comic Book Store in Pittsburgh

Your complete guide to Pittsburgh-based comic book stores, including comics written and drawn by Pittsburgh creators.

by Matt Petras | May 6, 2022

FYI Saturday, May 7, 2022 is Free Comic Book Day! Check the Free Comic Book Day website to see which Pittsburgh comic book stores are participating.

So, you got out of the latest superhero movie, and you want to take a crack at getting into comic books. In the Pittsburgh area, you’ve got options! A lot of them! There are some awesome, unique stores in and around the city that sell not just superhero comics, but also others, like independent works from local Pittsburgh artists.

While putting together this guide, I caught up with Wayne Wise, a prominent figure in the local comics scene who works at Phantom of the Attic in Oakland, has taught about comics at local colleges and has written about comic books for a variety of local publications over the years. He’s been deep in Pittsburgh’s comic scene for a long time.

“For some reason, Southwestern Pennsylvania has always had a really good scene,” Wise said. “There’s always been a lot of stores and a history of creative people.”

Inside Eides Entertainment, downtown Pittsburgh.

How do I get into reading comics?

Now, you may be thinking, dear reader: Okay, I found some stores to hit up. But what do I buy? Aren’t there, like, hundreds of Spider-Man comics?

More like thousands, honestly! But you don’t have to read all of them to understand recent stories, and, in fact, you probably shouldn’t try. Because there are so many comic books tied to big characters like Spider-Man and Batman, it’s best to weed through to the stuff most appealing to you. People at comic stores are usually super into comics, so asking them for recommendations is usually a good way to find something you’ll like.

How do I start reading brand new series?

If you want to follow a current series, which usually release once or twice a month, most stores offer what’s called a pull list, which allows you to subscribe to whatever series you like to guarantee a copy of each issue. New issues come out every Wednesday!

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Are there any comics written and drawn by Pittsburgh creators?


  • Ed Piskor is best known for his series Hip-Hop Family Tree as well as X-Men Grand Design published by Marvel Comics.
  • Jim Rugg has a sweet series he draws and co-writes with Brian Maruca called Street Angel about a badass homeless skateboarder girl.
  • Tom Scioli recently finished a Go Bots series and is working on an upcoming Fantastic Four comic book.
  • And there’s a lot more out there!

“I think Pittsburgh is big enough to have a lot of people doing it, small enough that we all know each other. Because we all know each other, there’s a certain amount of mutual support that takes place. People being really helpful and gracious helping newcomers and that sort of thing,” Wise said. “I don’t know that that happens in other cities.”

Some great comic book stores to check out in Pittsburgh

New Dimension Comics

  • 📍 Waterfront Location: 630 E. Waterfront Dr, Homestead, PA 15120
  • 📍 Pittsburgh Mills Location: 590 Pittsburgh Mills Blvd, Suite #220, Tarentum, PA 15084
  • 📍 And more!
  • 🔗 New Dimension Comics website

New Dimension Comics is a chain of shops largely across Pennsylvania (there’s one in Ohio, too). The two locations in Allegheny County, one in Pittsburgh Mills Mall and one at the Waterfront, are both massive, offering a huge selection of both new release and back issue comics books in addition to gaming materials and collectibles. The Waterfront store is relatively new – this store used to successfully operate in the late Century III Mall in West Mifflin.

Pittsburgh Comics

I grew up in Donora, and if you would have asked my parents then where they’re from, they probably would have said Pittsburgh. This mindset seems to have some pull at Pittsburgh Comics. Despite being outside of Allegheny County, this shop is the only store in the area to actually have Pittsburgh in its name. And it’s a cool shop, with a points system that tracks purchases and eventually allots store credit to spend.

Phantom of the Attic

  • 📍 Oakland Location: 411 S. Craig St 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
  • 📍 Monroeville Location: 3766 William Penn Hwy, Monroeville, PA 15146
  • 📍 Green Tree Location: 2351 Noblestown Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15205
  • 🔗 Phantom of the Attic website

There are multiple stores with the name Phantom of the Attic, but nowadays, they are each run completely independent of each other, according to Wise. Back in the late ‘80s, the original owner of all Phantom of the Attic comic stores sold each to the respective store managers. As the name implies, the Phantom store in Oakland is located up a flight of stairs, making one feel like they’re taking a trip to their father’s attic to check out his comic book collection.

Bill and Walt’s Hobby Shop

  • 📍101 Smithfield St, Chiurazzi Law Bldg, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 (Editors Note: We are unable to verify if the Downtown location is still open.)
  • 📍1985 Lincoln Way, White Oak, PA 15131
  • 🔗 Bill and Walt’s Hobby Shop website

This humble shop, run by just one man in the center of Downtown, Pittsburgh, gets new release comic books in every Wednesday. In addition, there’s also a solid selection of gaming supplies and back issue comic books. It has switched locations a few times, but is currently located off of Smithfield Street. When you enter, you walk down some stairs to get to the goodies. Just as the previous store is like an attic, this is a similarly neat basement.

Infinity Comics and More

A one-man show in a plaza neighboring an Eat’n Park, this store is located in Murrysville, a small town outside of the city that is essentially Monroeville’s lesser-known cousin. The store most prominently offers new release comic books, but also boasts back issues, collectables and more.

The Copacetic Comics Company

This store is perhaps tied most closely to Pittsburgh’s roster of comic book writers and artists. The store has an extensive collection of independent comics from local creators like Ed Piskor, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli and more. It also has a cool atmosphere, located up the stairs from a cool hangout spot, Kaibur Coffee.

Eides Entertainment

This store is most prominent for its sheer size and volume. Four floors high, this store focuses on comic books, with one floor offering new release comic books and other products and another focused on old comics (including quite vintage ones) and toys. Even if I don’t buy something when I go to Eides, I often lose myself to intense gawking of 70s Swamp Thing comics or something. Beyond comics, there are floors respectively dedicated to movies and music.

Outside of Eides Entertainment, downtown Pittsburgh.

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Even more Pittsburgh comic book stores

Pop Culture Comics

Impossible Dreams Comics

Nerds: Cards and Comics


South Side Comics

Arkham Gift Shoppe Comics

Duncan Comic Books and Accessories

Heroes Ink Comics

Big Bang Comics and Collectibles

This guide was originally published in 2019 and has been updated for Free Comic Book Day 2022.

Matt Petras

Matt Petras

Matt Petras is a professional writing and journalism tutor for Point Park University as well as a Pittsburgh-area-based freelance reporter. His work has appeared in the Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Current, PublicSource and the Mon Valley Independent.

When he isn’t obsessively checking his email, he’s probably playing video games or reading comic books.

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