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Plate It Pittsburgh

Watch things heat up in the kitchen as two Pittsburgh-based chefs go head-to-head to create a three-course meal utilizing ingredients sourced from one of the city’s unique marketplaces.  This cooking competition series led by host Dave Forman is a fun celebration of Pittsburgh’s chefs who are infusing the spirit of the city into their culinary creations.

A very local cooking competition

Each episode of “Plate It, Pittsburgh!” is a culinary showdown between two local chefs. Each episode starts at a local farmers' market or specialty food shop. The chefs each have a limited amount of time and budget to grab all of the ingredients they need to prepare a three-course meal.

After speed-shopping, the two chefs will return to the kitchen and have 45 minutes to create a three-course meal with their purchases.

Each chef will present their meals to guest judges. The meals will be judged on three criteria:

  • Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Taste
  • Bonus points for how chefs incorporate the spirit of Pittsburgh into the meal.

Competing for a good cause

Chefs aren’t just competing for bragging rights, they are competing for a donation to their favorite local charity.

Meet the host: Dave Forman

“Plate It, Pittsburgh” is hosted by Dave Forman. Dave is a comedian, Pittsburgher and food lover. You can follow his culinary adventures on Instagram @davidthegastronome.

Where to watch Plate It, Pittsburgh

“Plate It, Pittsburgh!” is available exclusively on the Very Local channel.

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