LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

Hometown Tragedy: The DNA of Murders

Hometown Tragedy: DNA

LeeAnn Huntoon

DNA technology brings new hope to families seeking justice for their loved ones, in this episode of “Hometown Tragedy.” Explore three brutal cold cases with Kristen and David Mittelman of Othram as they go into detail about the difficulties of following leads on older cold cases and how developments in forensic technology lead investigators to evidence — and, ultimately, answers for grieving families.

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Hometown Tragedy: The DNA of Murders

The first case explores the mystery of the Woodlawn Jane Doe whose lifeless body is found outside of a cemetery in Baltimore. Her killer is on the run and police have very little to work off of early in their investigation. Years later, they team up with Othram in hopes of finally identifying the Woodlawn Jane Doe.

Unsolved Cold Cases in the U.S.

Moving on to Pembroke, Massachusetts, where Virginia Hannon is murdered in her home after a night out with friends. The case goes cold for decades until a tip is left with the police and Hannon’s family receives new information. 

Finally, early one morning in 1996, Terrance Paquette is found murdered in the bathroom of the Lil’ Champ convenience store outside of Orlando. Paquette had only recently moved to Orlando and did not have many friends or family members in the area, giving the investigators very few leads in the case. Despite many unanswered questions, investigators do not give up on finding answers and seek the help of Othram Inc.’s DNA technology to help make an arrest and seek justice for Paquette.

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