LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

Hometown Tragedy: The Drake Diner Slayings

Hometown Tragedy Drake Diner Slayings

LeeAnn Huntoon

On November. 29, 1992, an armed man wearing a hooded sweatshirt walked into Drake Diner and changed the lives of everyone inside that night.

In this episode of “Hometown Tragedy,” we look into who this killer was and what the impact this crime had on the people of Des Moines.

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Hometown Tragedy: The Drake Diner Slayings

Cara McGrane, 25, a manager at the diner, and Tim Burnett, 28, another manager, had returned to working at the Drake Diner after a few years away. Both were at the restaurant the night of Nov. 29, 1992, when an armed man wearing a hooded sweatshirt walked in and changed the lives of everyone inside that night.

The man grabbed McGrane by the neck and shot her at point-blank range, killing her instantly. Burnett was in the restaurant on his day off helping to set up a Christmas tree when he heard the gunshot and went to help McGrane. The man shot Burnett in the head, killing him instantly.

The gunman grabbed less than $500 from the register before quickly running out of the Diner leaving patrons stunned at what transpired. No one was able to get a good look at the killer in the chaotic moments, which would make the job of the Des Moines police that much more difficult to catch the killer with over 40 different descriptions given of what the killer looked like.

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