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House Money: The Best Free Things To Do This Weekend

You don't need money to have a good time. Check out the best free events coming this weekend.

by Alex Galbraith | June 24, 2018

The weekend is fast approaching and you have a compulsive need to get out of the house and let loose. The only problem is your payday has never looked further away.

As entertainment and lifestyle writers, we’ve definitely been there. But luckily, we’re good at finding the best of what’s happening, regardless of your present economic situation. You need to have a weekend, even if your wallet won’t let you be great.

With that in mind, we present House Money: a companion piece to our Best Bets column for people who don’t have it like that. If you want to get out of the house with nothing but bus fare to your name, we have your back. Check out a few of the city’s best free events below:

Night Church

This weekly comedy showcase is already worth it for headliner Kamari Stevens, who has been tearing up stages with outside-the-box performances around the city. But Night Church comes with the added incentive of free cold-brew encased ice cream bars from Cafe Bars. While it costs nothing to get in, we suggest throwing a little something in the tip jar when it comes around.

Where: Sidney’s Saloon, 1200 Saint Bernard Ave.
When: June 28, 8:30 p.m.

I’m Listening

One more for comedy before we move on. I’m Listening puts a twist on typical comedy shows by asking local comics to do a set before allowing other comics with no training to psychoanalyze them based on their material. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s hilarious. It’s free.

Where: The Voodoo Lounge, 718 N. Rampart St.
When: June 29, 9 p.m.


Everyone’s raving about it again. That’s what a Netflix release will do for a great movie. But if you haven’t seen this colorful Pixar tearjerker yet, may we suggest holding out to see it on a big screen in some swanky digs?

Where: The Orpheum Theater, 129 Roosevelt Way
When: June 28, 6-9 p.m.

Hook & Sling

This monthly series pays tribute to NOLA soul & funk legends on the dancefloor (read: back patio) of Bar Redux. Luckily, this month’s honoree (Huey “Piano” Smith) was meant to be enjoyed in the sweatiest locales possible.

Where: Bar Redux
When: June 29, 10 p.m.

Learn Something

If you want to start next week a little bit smarter, there’s a few free lectures happening around town. In time for Pride Month, a panel is set to discuss the legacy of the devastating fire that burned down the gay nightclub The Upstairs Lounge. Over at the Alvar Library, the Academie Gnostique is letting people curious about the stars dip their toes into the world of astrology with an intro to the Zodiac.

Alex Galbraith

Alex Galbraith

He has a distinct voice that you will come to know more as you follow VL NOLA. He has shown himself to be an intrepid entertainment and culture writer, who always knows about the best events, happenings and performers before anybody else. Now, he’s going to tell you all about them here at Very Local NOLA.

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