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Three Must Follow NOLA Job Boards

Jobs can be hard to find in a world still in the ravages of a pandemic. We looked at three local job boards to help in your search.

by Kate Taylor | October 22, 2021

Jobs can be hard to find in a world still in the ravages of a pandemic. Knocking on doors and large job fairs have the potential to spread the virus, so many people have turned to the internet to secure employment. But with sites like Indeed and Monster being overrun with scam ads, searching through local job boards seems a safer option.

It isn’t as though job seeking on the internet was rare before COVID-19. According to Statista Research, in 2018, almost half of all job applications sent globally were done from a job board. The same company also found that US job seekers use over 17 different resources when looking for employment. Combing through over a dozen sites to find applications adds up timewise and can frustrate the potential candidate.

Fortunately, here in New Orleans sites like WorkNola, the classifieds of The Advocate, and, for those interested in working for the city, are all focused on attracting local talent. By hyperfocusing on local employment, these smaller job sites are able to cater to specific industries and the city’s demographics in a way larger job boards like Monster simply aren’t. While no job board can guarantee you employment, by focusing locally, you can still make many valuable contacts to help further your career.

The Advocate/ job listings

Classified ads appeared in England in the 17th century. Handwritten and nailed to a post, people were able to go directly to the employer to apply. Technology has made searching for jobs much easier than wandering from post to post looking for apprenticeships. So much so the need for classified ads has been questioned. But the classified section is still a part of every major newspaper and can be found on their websites as well. It doesn’t seem these help wanted ads are going away anytime soon.

They certainly aren’t leaving The Advocate/ When accessing the classifieds, the page is helpfully split into eight industries to search under and even has featured jobs that update daily. They also help cut down on the number of job sites potential candidates have to use by offering blog posts to help candidates fine-tune their communication skills. All of their job-seeker resources are free.

WorkNola job listings

Presented by Greater New Orleans, Inc, WorkNola is dedicated to keeping our region’s economy strong by employing as much local talent as possible. It’s a good strategy for everyone as well-trained and highly skilled workers are needed by every industry. If the city shows we have such a population, it can help attract larger businesses to New Orleans, creating jobs and keeping wages competitive.

WorkNola is a free service for job seekers. Simply create an account, upload your resume, and start applying for whatever positions suit you. Along with employment opportunities in ten different parishes, the site also offers numerous resources to help in a job search. There are options to explore internships, training courses, leadership development, and young professional organizations. There’s even a news page that updates candidates on which companies are coming to New Orleans and how legislation is affecting the current employment landscape.

Nola.Gov job listings

This job site is the most specialized of the three. Created specifically for those seeking employment with the City of New Orleans, the site is divided into three main search categories: Jobs with the City, Sewerage and Water Board Positions, and Recreation and Development Commission Jobs. To apply for many of them, the candidate will have to make a free account with the City Job Portal. But be sure to read the posting for each position carefully, as some ask the candidate to send a resume and cover letter directly to the hiring manager.

Employment with the city is a multi-step process, so no one should be surprised if the interview process and decision-making take several weeks. There are also specific instructions for anyone looking for civil service work with the city. More information on that can be found here

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Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

For Katherine Taylor becoming a writer was prophesied by her maternal grandmother who said she had too grand a name to be anything else. Kate has been published by, Bright Wall Dark Room, and Bold Culture. She is currently working on a series of short stories and essays.

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