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📺 Yinzer Shopping Network previews made-in-Pittsburgh gifts

Plus, gift suggestions from the Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Gisele Fetterman

by Boaz Frankel
November 27, 2020

With holiday shopping looking a little different in 2020, we thought that we’d make it easier to shop from home while still supporting amazing shops and makers based right here in Pittsburgh. So we created the Yinzer Shopping Network. It’s a QVC-inspired video series that highlights some of our favorite holiday gifts that are made right here in Western PA.

First up is our guide to home goods and decor. After you’ve watched the video, you can click on the links below to head to these merchants and crafters’ websites and buy directly from them.

Pierogi pillow by Commonwealth Press


Here’s a Pierogi pillow made by the folks at Commonwealth Press. It’s plush, it’s comfortable and it resists most sauerkraut stains. You can order one at

Pittsburgh prints and tea towels by strawberryluna

$18 – $35


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A post shared by Allison (@strawberryluna)

Allison and Craig, of strawberryluna, design and screen-print these beautiful pieces in their attic studio in the Friendship neighborhood. They’ve also made tour posters for all your favorite bands – remember when bands used to tour? We love their two-piece print of one of Pittsburgh’s classic yellow suspension bridges. They’ve also got a fun abstract print called “Black & Gold Dots.”


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A post shared by Allison (@strawberryluna)

Strawberryluna also makes this playful Pittsburgh tea towel that shouts “Have a Nice Day N’at.” It’s 100% preshrunk and machine washable cotton. You can find these and other fabulous items by strawberryluna at their website,

Assorted soaps by Regent Park Naturals

Starting at $6.50

Take your love of pierogies into the shower with Pierogi Soap on a Rope! Every soap is handmade by Andre with oatmeals and essential oils.

If you’re looking for a classic bar soap, check out Slovakian Christmas Cabbage Soap. As Andre taught me, cabbage is an anti-inflammatory so he mixes it up with aloe and oatmeal to make this all-natural and soothing soap.

You can buy these soaps and more at or find Andre at the Squirrel Hill or Bloomfield farmers markets.

Plants and pots from Synthesis

Starting at $5


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A post shared by Synthesis (@synthesispgh)

This pandemic has turned a lot more folks into plant parents, and Synthesis is the perfect place to indulge that new hobby. You can stop by their adorable shop just off Walnut Street to find a wonderful range of cactuses, succulents and pots in all price ranges. Here’s a cute fuzzy cactus for five bucks!


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A post shared by Synthesis (@synthesispgh)

And here’s an adorable plant-covered travel mug! You can shop in-store, coordinate curbside pick-up or shop on their website at

Candles from PGH Candles

Starting at $22


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A post shared by PGH.Candle (@pghcandle)

PGH Candles are hand-poured right here in town and made from 100% soy wax. The good thing about soy wax is that there’s no soot and it burns 50% longer than paraffin wax. They’ve got a whole range of subtle and delightful scents and they just released a holiday line too! Their candles are available at a bunch of local stores or from

Handmade ceramic mugs by Jenna Vanden Brink

Starting at $40

Jenna makes a wide range of beautiful mugs right here in Pittsburgh and they’re all microwave and dishwasher safe! She hand paints every piece with fun fruits and vegetables or classy stripes or cute flowers.

Jenna also makes beautiful ceramic ornaments (for $15) in the shape of Pennsylvania. And there’s a little gold heart to mark Pittsburgh! You can find Jenna Vanden Brink’s wonderful ceramics at

Posters and prints by Alternate Histories


Alternate Histories takes inspiration from history and B-movies to create a range of fantastical Pittsburgh items like their Yinzilla movie poster or their beautifully printed “View of Pittsburgh Circa 1902.”

They also make a cute/terrifying Yinzilla ornament (for $8) that’s ready to festively terrorize any tree. You can find prints and other items from Alternate Histories at shops around town or at

Stained glass pickle by OC Glass


Pittsburgh is a pickle-loving city, which probably goes back to when Heinz was cranking out millions of pickles right here in town. So why not gift your friend a stained glass pickle made by OC Glass in Bloomfield? It’s available at Love, Pittsburgh – a wonderful local shop that sells all sorts of goods from a range of Pittsburgh makers. They’ve got locations Downtown and on Mt. Washington and you can also order from

Radiant Gift Box from Love, Pittsburgh


What if you want a little bit of everything? That’s not a problem. Love, Pittsburgh has got you covered. They’ve curated this wonderful gift basket – the Radiant Box – which contains icicle ornaments from Wendell August Forge and a Sugar Plum Fairy candle from North Ave Candles.

You can head to one of their shops or to to pick up one of these.

🎥 Video credits: Boaz Frankle & Alden Roth.

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Boaz Frankel is a talk show host, filmmaker, writer and former Guinness World Record Holder for high-fiving.

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