Boaz Frankel

Boaz Frankel is a talk show host, filmmaker, writer and former Guinness World Record Holder for high-fiving.

Garfield's Nightmare

The Anatomy of a Nightmare: How Garfield Came to Kennywood

By Boaz Frankel / May 25, 2022

Our historical walkthrough of Garfield’s Nightmare answers many important questions, including whether or not Jim Davis – creator of Garfield – ever rode it.

The Farmers’ Market Co-op of East Liberty is open year-round

By Boaz Frankel / April 1, 2022

Every Saturday morning for the last 8 years, the Farmers Market Cooperative has been a mainstay in East Liberty. Get to know the families behind it.

UrSol The Chanter

urSol the Chanter – Jim Henson’s Mysterious Gift to Pittsburgh

By Boaz Frankel / February 18, 2022

Did you know that urSol The Chanter from the 1982 film “The Dark Crystal” is part of the permanent collection at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh? 

obscure pittsburgh history

Six stories of obscure Pittsburgh history you probably haven’t heard yet

By Boaz Frankel / January 29, 2022

6 fun facts about the Steel City that you may not know

🥨 A Twisted Visit to The Pretzel Shop

By Boaz Frankel / December 31, 2021

The Pretzel Shop on Carson Street has been making pretzels by hand since 1927.

Yinzer Shopping Network: T-shirts, Bow Ties, Hats & Sloths

By Boaz Frankel / December 15, 2020

Shop small! All of these gifts are available from local businesses

Pittsburgh books games

Yinzer Shopping Network: Pittsburgh Books & Games

By Boaz Frankel / December 10, 2020

Welcome back to the Yinzer Shopping Network, your go-to destination for Pittsburgh holiday gifts! In this installment, we’re recommending books and games that will make perfect gifts for all those literary and game-obsessed Pittsburghers in your life.

Yinzer Shopping Network: tasty treats and beverages

By Boaz Frankel / December 4, 2020

Holiday shopping just isn’t the same this year so we created the Yinzer Shopping Network!

📺 Yinzer Shopping Network previews made-in-Pittsburgh gifts

By Boaz Frankel / November 27, 2020

A QVC-style look at the best Pittsburgh gifts. Plus, gift suggestions from the Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Gisele Fetterman.

rick sebak

How Rick Sebak Became Rick Sebak

By Boaz Frankel / September 11, 2020

Working from home, chronicling his front porch adventures, Rick Sebak has been keeping busy during the pandemic.