Plate It, Pittsburgh! Breakfast for Dinner

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Very Local Staff

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Very Local Staff

In this episode, Dave Forman hosts as we watch Nissa’a Stallworth from POWER Recovery challenge Joey Hilty of The Vandal in this battle for the breakfast inspired dishes made from ingredients from the Bedner’s Farm Market.

Chef Nissa’a Stallworth // POWER Recovery

Chef Nissa’a Stallworth, the chef at POWER Recovery, has lived in Pittsburgh for the last 14 years. She was initially in school to pursue nursing but pivoted to culinary school when she felt a calling to be a chef. 

Chef Nissa’a’s Charitable Choice: POWER Recovery

Chef Nissa’a selected POWER Recovery as her charitable organization in the event that she wins the competition (and receives $500 to give to a charity). This nonprofit helps women in recovery from addiction.

Follow: POWER Recovery on Facebook

Chef Joey Hilty // The Vandal

Chef Joey Hilty was born and raised in Pittsburgh and is now the owner and chef at The Vandal. He loves bringing creativity into the food scene in Pittsburgh. 

Follow: @thevandalpgh on Instagram

Chef Joey’s Charitable Choice: Best Buddies

If Chef Joey is the winner of this episode, his $500 will go to Best Buddies in Western Pennsylvania as his charity of choice. They provide assistance to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

The Market: Bedner’s Farm Market

The Bedner’s Farm Market is a family-owner farm that began in 1917 and expanded into a store in 1956. The farmers market is in Upper Saint Clair, bordering Bridgeville, that features an amazing array of flowers, herbs, and lots of fresh produce. The chefs each get 15 minutes and $100 to purchase their supplies for the meals they will create. 

Bedner's Farm Market
Getting there
1520 Bower Hill Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241, USA
Mon-Sun 10am–5pm
More Info

The Challenge: Breakfast for Dinner

Our chefs must create a three-course meal using only foods from the market – and the meals must also contain these three ingredients: 

  • Pasture Perfect Beef
  • Apples 
  • Maple Syrup
  • Bonus challenge: This ingredient must relate to “the most important ‘peel’ of the day”

The Judges

Chef Nissa’a and Chef Joey will only have 45 minutes to create a masterful meal and wow this episode’s judges. Our judging panel today is:

Want to find out who emerged victoriously?

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