Plate It Pittsburgh! Lost in the Sauce

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

In this episode, Dave Forman hosts as we watch Dee Dixon of Plates Catering challenge Jessica Peconi of Legends Eatery in this battle for these very saucy-inspired dishes made from ingredients from Donatelli’s Italian Food Center.

Chef Dee Dixon // Plates Catering

Chef Dee Dixon, chef and owner of Plates Catering, grew up with family gatherings going head to head to see who can out cook the rest, so being competitive is no stranger to him. Later on in life, he started to make private dinners for people, and his craft grew from there. 

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Charitable Choice:

Dixon selected Urban Impact as his charitable organization in the event that he wins the competition. This organization is a place where boys and girls can sing, dance and express themselves. 

Chef Jessica Peconi // Legends Eatery 

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Chef Jessica Peconi works the front of house at Legends Eatery. She has always enjoyed cooking, and she is what she calls a “scratch cooker,” meaning she likes to make things herself.   

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Charitable Choice:

If Peconi is the winner of this episode, her donation will go to 412 Food Rescue as her charity of choice. This organization strives to make sure that good food doesn’t go to waste and gets it to people in need.

The Market: Donatelli’s Italian Food Center

Donatelli’s Italian Food Center was a staple in the community for 90 years. Unfortunately, the business closed in August of 2022. The chefs each get 15 minutes and $100 to purchase their supplies for the meals they will create. 

The Challenge: Lost in the Sauce 

Our chefs must create a three-course meal using only foods from the market – and the meals must also contain these three ingredients: 

  • Freshly baked bread
  • Olives 
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Secret ingredient: cherries must be included somewhere in the dish

The Judges

Chef Dee and Chef Jessica will only have 45 minutes to create a masterful meal and wow this episode’s judges. Our judging panel today is:

  • Dave Forman, host
  • Emily Catalano, founder of Good Food Pittsburgh
  • Chef Claudy Pierre, Season 1 Champion

Want to find out who emerged victoriously?

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Plate It! Pittsburgh Season 2


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