Plate It Pittsburgh! Summer Cookout

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

In this episode of Plate It Pittsburgh!, Dave Forman hosts as we watch Neil Blazin of Driftwood Oven challenge Carleen King of Carmi Soul Food in this battle for the summer cookout-inspired dishes made from ingredients from the Squirrel Hill Farmers Market.

Chef Neil Blazin // Driftwood Oven

Chef Neil Blazin, chef and owner of Driftwood Oven, has worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years. Discovering that there was a  lack of quality pizza places in Pittsburgh, he decided to open one and since he didn’t grow up cooking like many other chef’s had, he is still eager and open to learn more.

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Charitable Choice:

Chef Neil selected Lawrenceville United as his charitable organization in the event that he wins the competition. He is affiliated with the breadshare program which is run through the non-profit and provides weekly bread to individuals. 

Chef Carleen King // Carmi Soul Food

Chef Carleen King is the owner and operator of Carmi Soul Food and grew up with a lot of cooking going on around her. If you wanted something to eat, you had to make it yourself. She specializes in soul food and loves bringing creativity into the food scene in Pittsburgh. 

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Charitable Choice:

If Chef Carleen is the winner of this episode, her donation will go to Westside Mustangs Athletic Association in Chartiers, Pennsylvania as her charity of choice. This youth organization provides an environment that produces a healthy space for happy kids.

Carmi Soul Food - Ed and Day in the burgh
Want to see what’s cooking at Carmi Soul Food? Check out the Southside episode of “Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh” for a tour of the menu at this Pittsburgh soul food spot.

The Market in Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill Farmers Market

The Squirrel Hill Farmers market is one of three city operated farmer’s markets that run throughout the summer and fall and is open on Sundays. The chefs each get 15 minutes and $100 to purchase their supplies for the meals they will create. 

The Challenge: Summer Cookout

Our chefs must create a three-course meal using only foods from the market – and the meals must also contain these three ingredients: 

  • Strawberries
  • Zucchini 
  • Bacon 
  • Secret ingredient: morel mushrooms must be included somewhere in the dish

The Judges

Chef Nissa’a and Chef Joey will only have 45 minutes to create a masterful meal and wow this episode’s judges. Our judging panel today is:

  • Dave Forman, host
  • Emily Catalano, founder of Good Food Pittsburgh
  • Chef Claudy Pierre, Season 1 Champion

Want to find out who emerged victoriously?

You can stream the full episode of “Plate It, Pittsburgh! Summer Cookout” for free on the Very Local channel.

Plate It! Pittsburgh Season 2


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