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Retail Therapy: things you can only appreciate if you live in NOLA

It's apparent that everywhere else Sundays aren't for second lines and Mondays aren't for red beans. Here are a few things that remind us about home.

by Clint Durrett | April 13, 2020

We’re big on culture here — it’s apparent that everywhere else Sundays aren’t for second lines and Mondays aren’t for red beans. Here are a few things that remind us about home.

‘I Killed a Cockroach’ Badge of Honor

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We all know killing a cockroach isn’t for the faint of heart — especially if they fly. This set comes with six pinback buttons so you can let everyone know you’re the brave one of the bunch!

Red Bean Earrings

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Looking for the perfect accessory to jazz up your Mondays? These red beans earrings are the perfect size and the titanium backs are comfy for sensitive ears.

“Keep Them Beans Rich” Art

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Buy on Etsy: $50

Red beans and rice are a huge part of the rich culture. You know what else says rich? A Rolex. This photo print is a clever mash-up of the two.

Frenchmen art market mural

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Buy on Etsy: $40

Okay, at first sight it’s a little weird. But if you know Frenchmen Street, you know that’s par for the course! This print is the original work of local photographer Jose Fernandes and is hand signed.

New Orleans Tombs art on wood panel

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Buy on Etsy: $105

This hand painted clay and resin sculpture depicting New Orleans’ famous above-ground tombs is mounted on a birch wood panel. Each figure was sculpted, painted and glazed by hand.

Magnolia Flower Creole House New Orleans Print

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Buy on Etsy: $30

This print is inspired by a Creole cottage in the Marigny triangle. You can almost smell the spring magnolia blossoms that adorn the front of the house on this print signed by the artist.

Creole Tomato Soap

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Buy on Etsy: $7.25

Did you know tomatoes contain Lycopene and other antioxidants that help fight cell damage which give them useful anti-aging properties. Tomatoes also shrink pores, cure acne, soothe sunburn, balance the pH of your skin and more.

Water Meter Charm Necklace

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Buy on Etsy: $27

What’s more New Orleans than the water meter covers?  You can choose to add a tiny fleur de lids charm to your necklace and it’s accented with a small faceted Czech glass bead.

Personalized New Orleans Street Sign art

via ScreenDoorArt (Etsy)

Buy on Etsy: $35

These signs are made from recycled wood and are designed after the old street corner signs in the city.

Beignet candle

Buy on Etsy: $18.95

A delicious smell of vanilla and freshly fried dough, topped with powdered sugar. This hand-poured candle is made of pure soy wax for a slow and long-lasting burn.

Clint Durrett

Clint Durrett

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