Successful Entrepeneurs #PayItForward To Black-Owned Local Businesses

These four entrepreneurs are looking to spread the wealth around to black-owned businesses in New Orleans.

by Alex Galbraith | August 23, 2018

The majority of New Orleanians are black. The culture, cuisine and music are largely the creation of the city’s black population. But take a look around the city’s business class and you might not see those facts reflected. To counteract that and help support black-owned businesses in the city, several entrepreneurs took a tour of shops and restaurants owned by people of color, spreading the word to their sizeable social media followings and urging anyone who saw the posts to pay it forward.

We Dat’s Greg Tillery, Morrow’s Larry Morrow,  Kaleidoscope Hair’s Jesseca Dupart (known on Instagram as @darealbbjudy) and Crayon Case creator Raynell Steward (b.k.a. Wuzzam Supa or @supa_cent) went all over town shopping at pet stores, book shops, lunch spots and smoothie stands to help share their own success with other local business owners. Check out where they shopped below.

Ascent Blends

The group got their energy up with a smoothie from this Broad St. operation.

Barrow’s Catfish

The long-time Hollygrove spot just reopened after over a decade away. The new digs are a bit up the road but the catfish is just as good.

Gold Pendant Brand

The crew stopped off to see this jewelry maker, who sells flossy and fashionable necklaces.

Pop Culture

This vibrant spot on Fern Street sells men’s and women’s clothing “for the culture.”

Sidney’s Snowballs


In the middle of an August NOLA day, it gets hot. It was time for a snowball or four and this Claiborne Avenue stand was happy to oblige.

Community Book Center

This bookstore has been holding it down on Bayou Road for nearly 40 years and they’re still going strong. But they can only keep going with the support of the community. It’s so important to their continued success that they put it right there in the name.

Aromeaux Candle Co.

With a few new books, the group needed something to put their heads in the right space. Luckily, Aromeaix Candle was on hand to help them create a vibe through scents.

N.O. East Pet Supply

That vibe could be quickly ruined if your house smells like cat. That’s where N.O. East Pet Supply comes in. They can provide you with all you need to make sure you coexist peacefully with your favorite furballs.


You need something to go with all that jewelry, right?

Javier Bush

They closed out the day with a dinner plate from local chef Javier Bush.

What do you think? What are you doing to pay it forward, NOLA?



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