Global Green USA Press Conference With Brad Pitt Discussing House Project

They’re Talkin’ About Us: Free Saints Ticket For Boston Fan, Defective Homes, Charter Schools, Surprise Vacay

Honestly, right now, everybody's talkin' 'bout Kenner's mayor and his stance on Nike's stance of standing up, er, kneeling for justice for all.

by Clint Durrett | September 10, 2018

Last week while we were preparing with supplies and stocking our liquor cabinets and pantries for a would-be hurricane party, media outlets from across the country put the Crescent City in the spotlight. The topics include Saints tickets, education and Brad Pitt. Let’s start with the fun stuff.  

Missed Connections: Free Saints Ticket

New Orleanians are some of the best people in the world. The hospitality we extend to visitors is seemingly boundless – even offering up a pair of free tickets to a Saints game. That’s what Sandi Baudin wanted to do, she told the Boston Globe. She met a Boston man at an estate sale in Uptown. They had a wonderful conversation, she told the paper. But Baudin told the Globe that she can only deduce that she accidentally gave the man the wrong number and she “feels like a heel.” New Orleans ain’t that small of a town. Maybe we keep spreading the word and reunite the football-loving duo. She might also get a bunch of bros seeking to claim his gift.

Read her interview with The Boston Globe.

Chef Dishes about NOLA

Local chef Donald Link knows how to make you savor anything, including a conversation. He spoke with CNN last week about New Orleans and his ideas for enjoying the city to its max. He seasoned the conversation with topics of old-fashioned cocktails, Audubon Park, long lunches, festivals and nightlife.

Check out what he told CNN here.

Pitts in The Pits With ‘Make It Right’ Homes

NBC News put a spotlight on award-winning actor and philanthropist Brad Pitt and how residents of his Make It Right Foundation homes are suing the foundation over the quality of the houses. The residents claim Pitt sold them “defective homes.” The homes were once hailed by the community who lost everything after Hurricane Katrina as a green technology solution and affordable. But as the years have stacked up, it seems that so have much-needed repairs, according to residents who spoke with NBC.

Read the article from NBC here.

Global Green USA Press Conference With Brad Pitt Discussing House Project
NEW ORLEANS – 2007: Actor Brad Pitt walks at the site of the Global Green USA’s first house project at the Holy Cross Neigbourhood association project in the 9th ward district, on August 21, 2007 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)

Washington Post Analysis Looks For The Real Story Behind Charter Schools

The education system in New Orleans is unique, to say the least. There’s a complex mix of school systems like the city is known for its own diversity. The Washington Post puts charter schools under the microscope, analyzing the “success.” The Post breaks down different facets of the system that New Orleans is famous for in education.

Read ‘The Real Story Of New Orleans And Its Charter Schools’ from The Washington Post.

Louisiana 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina
NEW ORLEANS, LA – MAY 13: Students attend class at the Encore Academy charter school on May 13, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. More than 100 schools in the city were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Following Katrina, New Orleans’ decimated public school system was almost entirely revamped and now approximately 94 percent of city students attend independently run charter schools. Encore Academy’s performing arts focused program is outpacing most other open admission charter schools in academic performance in the city. The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which killed at least 1836 and is considered the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, is August 29. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Surprise! A Vacay In NOLA!

How would you spend 48 hours on a surprise trip to one of the coolest spots in the world? A travel writer got the chance to live it up down in the Crescent City on a surprise trip. The bars, the food and the nightlife are great and all, but what this visitor loved the most about his trip was really getting to learn what New Orleans is and the history that makes it magical.

Read About The Exploits On Thrillist

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