What’s on the Menu: Pittsburgh Food Trucks

LeeAnn Huntoon

LeeAnn Huntoon

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LeeAnn Huntoon

What’s On The Menu showcases Pittsburgh’s masterful chefs and the most creative, unique eateries in town. While chefs prepare a signature dish from their menu, they share stories from the kitchen and how the city has inspired their cooking. They also give tips, tricks and cooking hacks that will surely come in handy for anyone in the kitchen.

On this latest episode of What’s On the Menu?, we take you to some Pittsburgh food trucks serving bold flavors and compact meals on wheels.

Revival Chili

Revival food truck in Pittsburgh isn’t just chili, oh no, they have different branches: Revival Chili, Revival Pasta and the brick-and-mortar diner, Nancys. At its core, Revival Chili is a trailer that travels around Allegheny County to serve up its gourmet chili while supporting local vendors. What’s more, they provide second-chance employment for those who have spent time in confinement to give them a chance to succeed. How awesome! Come check out the four different chili’s on the menu, one being vegan chili so no one is left out. 

Soul Biscuit

Biscuits and barbecue in Pittsburgh? This bakery meets barbecue started as just something to do and experimenting with trying to find the perfect mixture that will hold as a sandwich but still taste like a biscuit and thus Soul Biscuit was created. The classic bacon, egg and cheese is the fan-favorite but the pork is a close second.  Come enjoy this magical biscuit experience!

Haskel’s Delicatessen

Known for the pastrami, Haskel’s Delicatessen is everything that’s good about Jewish deli, except on wheels. Created by a chef who’s been eating Ashkenazi home cooking since before he had teeth, Haskel’s is an act of love for Pittsburgh. Just come to the truck and you’ll get something that you will really, really like.

La Palapa

This food truck is a look into Mexican culture and customs through the flavors of Mexican cuisine. Although they have a food truck there is also a mexican restaurant in Pittsburgh. You can grab something quick on the street or come in for the full holistic experience. The food truck has items such as tacos, quesadillas and empanadas because they are easy to eat and fulfilling. If you want authenticity, this is the place to visit.

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