Where to Plan Your Next Picnic in Orlando

Take advantage of the weather by exploring some of these parks in the Orlando area to plan your next picnic.

by Gianna Aceto | May 6, 2022

Springtime in Florida right before the Summer heat rolls in is the sweet spot for picnics and being outdoors. Take advantage of the peaceful weather by exploring some of these well-known parks in the Orlando area, as well as parks that only the locals will tell you about!

Park Avenue, Winter Park

Park Avenue is right in the heart of Winter Park with many local businesses and restaurants. Across from the stores and cobblestone streets is a long grassy area that is perfect for a picnic. I recommend stopping at Barnie’s Coffee & Tea for a craft coffee-to-go and sitting on the grass. You may even see a local Sunrail train pass by. Attached to the lawn area is a small flower garden and fountains.

Lake Eola Park, Orlando

Orlando downtown, lake Eola on a sunny day (Photo courtesy Getty Images)

By far the most popular park area in Orlando is Lake Eola Park, however there is plenty of room for everyone around the lake. I recommend bringing a blanket and a book to relax on the grass, just watch out for the many swans that famously inhabit the park area! After your picnic, feel free to walk around the path that emcompasses Lake Eola and sends you right into the center of Downtown Orlando. You can even walk to the Church Street train station and take a ride to the previously mentioned location on Park Avenue!

Kraft Azalea Park, Winter Park

Sun rise scene through the cypress trees at Kraft Azalea Park in Winter Park, Florida the sun light catching on the water mist from the water sprinklers. (Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Kraft Azalea is a frequent photoshoot location for its beautiful mossy trees and is seated directly on Lake Maitland. Tucked away among the mansions of Winter Park, this area is perfect for a picnic and is picturesque during dusk. Kraft Azalea is a local Winter Park secret and not as frequently visited as other major parks, so you could get lucky to have the whole park to yourself.

Lake Baldwin Park, Baldwin Park

A quaint place right on a lake is Lake Baldwin Park. The area is very family-friendly and you can even bring your dog with you on your picnic because there is a long walking path. 

Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs

(Photo courtesy Getty Images)

Situated in North Orlando, Cranes Roost Park is a great area to picnic in a city while feeling separated from the hustle and bustle of Orlando. There is a path that goes around the Cranes Roost Lake and leads to a bridge path over the water. You can stop for some food at nearby restaurants before setting up your picnic. This area is often used for an events space or hosts outdoor music.

Blue Jacket Park, Orlando

Blue Jacket Park is a large open field area with a fountain. There is more than enough room to spread blankets and picnic with family or friends. The area is also suitable for outdoor sports such as soccer or Frisbee.

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Gianna Aceto

Gianna Aceto

Gianna Aceto is a photographer and writer from Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about art, specializing in portrait and concert photography. Her writing skills cover a variety of topics such as mental health, entertainment, music and beauty. Gianna is currently studying at the University of Central Florida to receive her Bachelor's degree.

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