Gianna Aceto is a photographer and writer from Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about art, specializing in portrait and concert photography. Her writing skills cover a variety of topics such as mental health, entertainment, music and beauty. Gianna is currently studying at the University of Central Florida to receive her Bachelor's degree.

pom poms orlando

Poms Poms in Orlando brings a unique twist to old favorites

By Gianna Aceto / September 20, 2022

The sandwich shop in the Milk District also offers authentic salads, a curated tea selection, sweet treats and innovative sake cocktails.

Famous people you may not have known are from Orlando

By Gianna Aceto / July 18, 2022

Before they went to Hollywood or signed to major sports teams, they got their start in Central Florida.

Where to find the best farmers markets in Orlando

By Gianna Aceto / June 3, 2022

Farmers markets are great ways to explore the city and support local businesses. Check out this list of Orlando farmers markets.

Where to Plan Your Next Picnic in Orlando

By Gianna Aceto / May 6, 2022

Take advantage of the weather by exploring some of these parks in the Orlando area to plan your next picnic.