Wuzzam Supa (AKA SupaCent) Gets Her Own Doll

A local businesswoman gets an incredible tribute.

by Alex Galbraith | September 13, 2018

Raynell Steward isn’t wanting for accolades. The homegrown CEO and Instagram superstar known as Wuzzam Supa or SupaCent is riding high off of her ultra-successful and equally colorful cosmetics line, The Crayon Case. But there are a few things that manage to break through the constant wins that this NOLA celebrity seems to rack up.

For example, a fan recently made Steward into a doll, complete with her own Crayon Case pallete. As someone who made their name by turning a child’s hobby into an incredible brand, she was bound to notice.


Dionna Douglas, who makes custom dolls under the name Kimani Dolls, shared her version of Supa on Instagram and it immediately took off.

“I hope she gets it and loves it,” wrote Douglas, not yet knowing how huge the post was going to be.

Supa responded in the way we all would if we found out someone took the time to create a toy likeness.

“Bitch Imma DOLL,” she wrote on Instagram, tagging Douglas three times for good measure.

Check out the posts up top and see what else SupaCent is up to here.

Alex Galbraith

Alex Galbraith

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