Haunted Hotels in America

13 of the Most Haunted Hotels in America

Interested in spending the night with a specter? Here are 13 of the most haunted hotels in America guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

by LeeAnn Huntoon | September 22, 2022

If things that go bump in the night and the potential for paranormal phenomena peaks your interest this creepy content is for you. Interested in spending the night with a specter? Here are 13 of the most haunted hotels in America guaranteed to send shivers up your spine. 

Haunted Hotels in Boston

Omni Parker House (1855) 

The Omni Parker House in Boston has had multiple guest reports seeing a misty figure later identified as the original owner of the hotel, Harvey Parker inquiring about their stay. The haunted home to many apparitions the hotel in Boston has had multiple ghost sightings and anomalies throughout the years since its opening. 

Elevators are called to the third floor (once occupied by Charles Dickens) without a button being pushed or a guest waiting for the elevator. Random whispering and complaints of a loud rocking chair sound on the tenth floor keep guests awake. The strange thing is…there are no rocking chairs in the hotel.

Hawthorne Hotel (1925) 

Infamous for the Salem Witch Trials, Salem, Massachusetts has a spooky history all its own. The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem hosts its own hauntings hailing from the high seas. Mostly attributed to lost sea captains returning to their gathering place. Rooms 621 and 325 have had the most reports. 

The haunted hotel in Salem has had multiple claims of hearing water faucets turn on and off, and toilets flushing by themselves, as well as disembodied voices of children crying. 

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Haunted Hotels in Kansas City

Hotel Savoy (1888)

Built in 1888, the Hotel Savoy has a long spooky history of supernatural occurrences. This dark and twisted haunted hotel in Missouri has had reports of voices, shadows, and full body apparitions including a little girl in Victorian clothing on the 4th floor. Not to mention the suspicious death of a woman in Room 505.

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone (1886) 

Guests and staff of this haunted hotel in New Orleans have experienced chilling anomolies for generations. A ghost maid has been seen haunting the hallways. A locked restaurant door is often found to be open almost every night and then closes again. One of the hotel elevators constantly stops on the wrong floor, leading guests down a unaturally cold hallway. Guests claim to have seen ghostly images of children playing.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel (1815)

Patrons of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel have reported seeing an old Confederate soldier dressed in uniform on the third and sixth floors of the hotel. Ghost children and nuns have also been reported on the sixth floor. A common encounter is of a little girl seen rolling her ball and chasing it down the hallway. Did we mention that the Bourbon Orleans Hotel used to be the Sisters of the Holy Family’s convent, girls’ school, medical ward and orphanage? 

Interested in seeing for yourself? The New Orleans hotel ranked by USA Today as one of the top haunted hotels in the country offers haunted history tours to guests.

Olivier House Hotel 

There are two spirits that have been said to reside in this hotel. One is a former confederate soldier, another a lady from civil war times. There are also a number of rooms that are said to be haunted.

Several spirits have been spotted wandering around the New Orleans hotel. Two of the most common apparitions seen is that of a Confederate soldier and two elderly women believed to be the old owners, Mrs. Olivier and Ms. Locoul. The two elderly women are commonly seen wandering the halls dressed in early 1800’s style dresses. 

Is the Olivier House Hotel in New Orleans Haunted? 

Haunted Hotels in Orlando

Super 8 Motel International Drive (1986)

This roadside motel in Orlando has a peculiar past of haunted happenings. Room 206 has the most activity with reports of an imprint of a human body appearing on a freshly made bed. Guests have also claimed to have felt somebody else in bed beside them. Others say that they’ve been woken up by the bed shaking aggressively. 

What’s even more chilling and odd especially in Florida is how unusually ice cold the room stays. Even when the air conditioning has been completely shut off, the room remains frighteningly frigid. 

Cassadaga Hotel (1901)

This hotel may not technically be in Orlando but it’s definitely worth mentioning. Just 35 minutes away nestled between Sanford and Daytona Beach you’ll find Hotel Cassadaga. The well known spiritualist camp is home to several spirits. Numerous ghosts have been reported roaming the halls and rooms of this haunted hotel near Orlando. 

A little ghost girl and boy riding tricycles in the hallway. At night hotel guests say they hear the ringing of the bikes’ bells in the hallway. There’s also a male apparition known as Gentleman Jack who is known for being a lady’s man with a bad habit of smoking cigars on site. 

Haunted Hotels in Pittsburgh

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel (1906)

Since its construction in 1906 the Fulton Building has been reconstructed and reincarnated many times over. The sixth floor of was once used as a Veteran’s hospital during WWII. Since its renovations and reopening as the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel in 2001 hotel guests and hotel employees have reported unexplained paranormal phenomena. 

Guests have reported seeing a female apparition dressed in “old timey clothes”. Other have reported strange activity & unusual feelings throughout the Pittsburgh hotel.  

Hotel Conneaut (1893)

Located an hour and a half away from Pittsburgh, the Hotel Conneaut is a solid link to the past with paranormal activity to boot. From heavy doors opening on their own, multiple sightings of a boy, the ghost bride Elizabeth, and a menacing butcher have all been reported on the property. 

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Haunted Hotels in Sacramento

The Delta King Riverboat Hotel (1920)

Known as one of the most haunted places in Sacramento, the Delta King Riverboat Hotel has played host to a multitude of paranormal experiences. The restored paddlewheel riverboat turned Sacramento hotel dates back to the 1920’s and was once a floating hospital during WWII. 

The apparition of the old ship’s captain has been spotted wandering grounds. Listen closely and you could hear his ghostly footsteps walking back and forth across the wooden deck. 

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The Citizen Hotel (1925)

Built in 1925, The Citizen Hotel is one of the most historic and haunted hotels in Sacramento. Staff and guests of the downtown Sacramento hotel have reported sightings of specters and spooky happenings. 

The spirits were said to never try to communicate with people but just walk around the hotel grounds. Dark shadows are often seen and disembodied footsteps are heard walking down the empty dark hallways.

Haunted Hotels in Savannah

Hamilton Turner Inn (1873)

The four-story mansion known as the Hamilton-Turner Inn has a long and haunted history. Unexplained sights and sounds have permeated the halls of the hotel for centuries. One strange occurrence is that guests claim to hear billiard balls tumbling down the stairs. The sound is said to echo through the rooms of the hotel at night. There are no pool tables inside the hotel. Many guests and employees have also seen a male ghost smoking a cigar and wandering around the Savannah hotel. 

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