Kristy Locklin

I'm a Pittsburgh-based freelance writer and full-time horror nerd. I am fluent in movie quotes, sarcasm and English (almost). When I'm not taking long, contemplative walks through old cemeteries, I enjoy writing about (and consuming!) good food and drink. Since I'm basically every Winona Ryder character rolled into one person, I like interviewing other strange and unusual souls.

Homestead’s Golden Age Beer Co. is ushering in a golden age of lagers

By Kristy Locklin / May 10, 2022

Homestead’s Golden Age Beer Company is in business to shine a light on the time-honored brews.

Local companies help Rwanda’s first brewery get off the ground

By Kristy Locklin / March 11, 2022

A husband-and-wife team are using their skills and connections in the ‘Burgh beer community to help Rwanda open Kweza Craft Brewery, the African nation’s first woman-owned, woman-led suds factory.

Pittsburghers guide to Ocean City

A Pittsburghers Guide to Ocean City, Maryland

By Kristy Locklin / January 29, 2022

Pittsburgh’s three rivers provide a lot of opportunities for summer fun, but the North Shore isn’t exactly a tropical oasis.

Gingerly Press in Lawrenceville blends antique machines and modern art

By Kristy Locklin / January 12, 2022

A century-old printing press is the machine used to create beautiful and sustainable items.

Ed and Day in the 'Burgh in Carnegie, Pennsylvania

You’ve heard them online, now watch Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh

By Kristy Locklin / January 12, 2022

The hosts behind the “Drinking Partners” podcast have a new series on Very Local’s streaming channel.

It’s a small world: meet Pittsburgh’s Diorama Guy

By Kristy Locklin / January 12, 2022

Anthony “Nino” Balistrieri’s love of little things that make big impressions started in a model-making class.

Here’s the scoop on Salty Paws, PA’s first doggie ice cream bar and bakery

By Kristy Locklin / January 5, 2022

Flavors of the sugar and dairy-free ice cream range from vanilla, banana cream and pumpkin to blueberry, bacon and cheddar cheese.

Paranormal pubs: The Harmony Inn & North Country Brewing

By Kristy Locklin / October 26, 2021

Bob McCafferty is the owner of not one but two paranormal pubs in Butler County. Ghosts are regulars at North Country Brewing Co. and The Harmony Inn isn’t so peaceful when things go bump in the night.

Photos courtesy of Buffalo Bill’s House.

For a real scream, rent Buffalo Bill’s House from “The Silence of the Lambs”

By Kristy Locklin / September 13, 2021

Buffalo Bill’s House in “The Silence of the Lambs” is the stuff of nightmares, but for diehard fans of the film, staying there is a dream come true. You can now rent the fictional serial killer’s abode in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, which is 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Parties of up to eight people can relax in the fully furnished, 112-year-old home, watch the iconic movie and enjoy liver, fava beans and a nice Chianti in the kitchen.

backyard chickens

🐓 City Chicken: More Pittsburghers are raising backyard hens

By Kristy Locklin / August 26, 2021

Urban chickens are hatching up all over Pittsburgh. We talked to residents in Avalon and the surrounding neighborhoods about the foundations of fowl-keeping.