You’ve heard them online, now watch Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh

The hosts behind the "Drinking Partners" podcast have a new series on Very Local's streaming channel.

by Kristy Locklin
January 12, 2022

Comedians Ed Bailey and Day Bracey are serious about Pittsburgh. And that’s no joke.

You can now watch them explore their beloved city in “Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh” a new show on Very Local channel. You can stream the show for free by downloading the Very Local channel from Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

From podcast to show                     

The friends host Drinking Partners podcast and are the force behind Barrel & Flow Fest, the nation’s first Black beer festival. They’re excited to connect with people on another level and shine a spotlight on some of the people, places and things this town has to offer.

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“I think it’s a natural progression of what we were already doing,” Bracey said. “It’s about unique opportunities for entertainment in Pittsburgh that you wouldn’t think would be there.”

Each of the eight episodes clocks in at about 23 minutes and explores a different neighborhood. Viewers will learn new things about Pittsburgh right along with Bailey, a Cleveland native who now lives in Knoxville, and Bracey, a Beaver resident raised in Braddock. (Keep an eye out for a Braddock-centric episode.)

The first stop is Larmier, an East End neighborhood that’s less than one square mile. Despite its small size, the place is packed with a lot of surprises, including a martial arts academy and a coffee shop with California vibes.

Drink responsibly

With COVID-19 still raging, it wasn’t easy to find spots that were open. Once they did, it was of the utmost importance to enjoy them safely.  

“We want to be responsible,” Bailey said. “You’re not going to see us in a crowded room raving.”

Of course, you’ll see the buds stop for suds throughout the city. Consider it pregaming for Barrel & Flow Fest, which will be held Aug. 12-14 at The Stacks at 3 Crossings in the Strip District. 

“There’s just so much happening all the time with new breweries and new beer styles,” Bracey  said. “A large part of what we do is promoting the Black community in the city through comedy, podcasting and boozing at beer festival. We are focused on that mission. For people who are aligned with that … we vibe with you guys.”

Now that COVID-19 is nearing the two-year mark, do Bailey and Bracey still find humor in everyday life?

“Comedy is born in tragedy,” Bracey said. “That’s how we get through a lot of our lives. You laugh when you have every reason to cry. Comedy offers a different perspective, a different skew.”

With “Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh,” they’re taking their stand-up routines from the stage to the screen.

I'm a Pittsburgh-based freelance writer and full-time horror nerd. I am fluent in movie quotes, sarcasm and English (almost). When I'm not taking long, contemplative walks through old cemeteries, I enjoy writing about (and consuming!) good food and drink. Since I'm basically every Winona Ryder character rolled into one person, I like interviewing other strange and unusual souls.

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